How to change album artist for a whole album

Hello, I have recenty been working on an album of remixes and mp3tag helps me keep the files sorted better. I use windows 11 and listen to my own music on the media player. I can change the album of a song but when i click on the album on the media player it shows all songs that i have set to be from that album but the artist name is always unknown artist. I have changed the album artist, artist, composer and album on the files with mp3tag to all be the same but it doesn't seem to affect the album artist from the media player.

Do you have a song for which all the information like ARTIST or ALBUMARTIST or GENRE is displayed correctly on your player?

If yes, then you can compare the content of this song in Mp3tag with the one that only show "Unknown".
Just press Alt + T on both songs and compare the used tag names and the ID3 version (both displayed in the window title of the Extended Tag window).

No songs display the right artist/albumartist (i haven't set a genre to any). Here is a screenshot of all the things o have changed with mp3tag:

If you are sure that you have filled all the necessary tags then it would be up to the player to get its data right and MP3tag cannot do a lot about the features of the player.

You could delete the files from the player's library and re-read the file.
Or rename the file slightly and force the player to read the file again.

Edit: oh, wav files!

I think that any MS player reads WAV file tags on the level of ID3V1 tags - and that does not know an ALBUMARTIST:

I see that you use WAV files?

I'm not sure if your player is able to handle WAV files.
Maybe you should look for a player that support metadata in WAV files or you convert them to a format like FLAC for much better player support.

The player plays them correctly but if i had to switch to a different player what player would you reccomend?

The audio part has nothing to do with the metadata in the tags ...
Foobar2000 is a player with a lot supported file formats

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Sorry, I can not recommend a player.
I don't even know your phone model or smartphone OS.

For Android there is a thread here:

I don't use a phone for this. I just use this on pc so i can organise the files better. I will try a different player and reach out again if it worked.

Hello, I am back. I have tried vlc but the thing i care most about in a media player is the interface so i won't use it. I will be sticking to the basic windows 11 media player since the unknown artist problem really isn't a big deal to me. Thank you @ohrenkino and @LyricsLover anyway :heart: :heart:.

the support for flac files is better.
and as that is also a lossless format, it may be a good alternative.

I'll try it brb. Are there any big differences between FLAC and WAV?

After converting to FLAC it FULLY works. Thank you very much.

I can recommend MusicBee as a better player for Windows than WMP. It has a very flexible configuration including the UI, and plays just about every audio file type ever used. And it is free!

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MusicBee absolutely trashes everything else I've tried (and I've tried many players over the last 18ish years.
It handles my collection (825k tracks currently) easily and remains snappy.
MediaMonkey used to be decent up to around 300k tracks. After that the performance tanked.
The imho horrible v5 design choices of MediaMonkey were what drove me to initially try out MusicBee and I haven't looked back since.

Mainly the size. WAVs usually have a constant bitrate of 1411kbps if they're CD quality.
Flac is compressed and stores the same information in far less space (up to 70% less space).
It depends on the files but usually the same album in flac is less than half the size of the wav version while both are lossless. You can convert freely between them however often you want and you won't lose audio quality.

I can't think of a reason why anyone would want to use .wavs these days as the flac support is pretty much universal as @ohrenkino already said.

I can only think of one reason:
If you need to cut/modify the AUDIO part of a song.

(Mp3tag handles the metadata around the audio part, not touching the audio part).

I think about software like Audacity.** Not all audio modifiying software can import FLAC files directly.
But as you already stated, you can convert from lossless WAV to lossless FLAC to lossless WAV without any quality loss.

** Small update to not falsely accuse Audacity:
I have just made a short test with Audacity v3.4.1 as portable Windows version.
You can drag & drop a FLAC file without any problems in Audacity's waveform editor to see this typical picture:

That's true.
Now that you mention it, I distinctly remember being quiete angry that adobe premiere did not support flac files the last time I used it, which led to me having to convert the songs in question to wav.

Ocenaudio is a nice choice.