How to count Albums

Found various solutions whilst searching the internet, but none I have tried work. Need a way to count how many albums here are, can someone help please ?

Mp3tag doesn't count albums. It works with individual tracks.

What you can try is to export a list of your tracks, sorted by album and then count them externally:

Did you find a solution ? Be handy if this was built into the “view” option
I.e. view album total and view track total

Yes in the linked thread, the second answer gives you an export script for it:

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The good thing about the export function is that you can generate more or less any grouping.
You want so see the album, others may want to count artists, genres, bitrates, album sizes, track lengths. You name it.
So: use the export function, create a script, tick the option to see the result immediately and there you are.

Sorry, am English and don’t understand

There are only 2 rather irrelevant sentences in German which can eaysily translated via Google Chrome:

Did your code produce a reasonable output file too?

Give it a try with this

The rest is an example of an export script (in Mp3Tag export language) to count albums, tracks and total time. and saves it to a text-file. You only have to change the output path for the exported text-file in the first line to your needs.

Thankyou for your help, it’s just the German, I just don’t understand what I am to do with the code.


Have a look at your help-file in MP3Tag (F1) at the section "Export".

Short explanation:
Copy the code to the clipboard.
In MP3Tag goto File->Export-Button for new export file
Give the nerw file a name, e.g.: Count my albums, o.k.
Paste the code
Change the path in the first line to an existing path in your environment
Save the code
Goto File->Export and start your new created export file out of the list you see

More settings and explanations for export are in the help.

LyricsLover's example for the export file ist much simpler code and concentrates on album-name and counting.


Thanks, is this to be used in the file export option ?
Bit new to the more advanced side of MP3Tag


Where do I put the destination location for the count ? Thanks

You don't have to put a destination location. The result file "mp3.txt" will be opened automatically with your associated *.txt viewer, like notepad.

If you want to have it in fixed directory, use the example from posters linked code and add it the in front of the filename, like c:\Temp\mp3.txt

Maybe this one can help you to understand what poster already wrote step by step and what you find in the linked export-help:

Mp3tag - Create Export2 script

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