How to create an 'enter' in comments

Does anyone know if an 'enter' command can be written into the comments rather than everything being all on one line? For example:

I would like…
Disc 1 - Released 1/1/19Disc 2 - Released 2/1/19Disc 3 - Released 3/1/19

to display like this...
Disc 1 - Released 1/1/19
Disc 2 - Released 2/1/19
Disc 3 - Released 3/1/19

Thanks in advance,

Use Ctrl-Enter do get a line break.
Please note that in the tag panel you have to set the comment field to "multiline" to be able to enter line breaks.

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Do you know how this is done?

Right-click in the grey area of the tag panel and select "Adapt ..." in the menu or use Tools>Options>Tag-Panel.
There select the entry for Comment and click the Edit button.
In the drop-down list for "Size" select "multiline".

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Exactly what I needed. Thank you SO much!!!

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