How to find/enter missing metatag values

for example i see some records (no pun intended) are missing Codec data, and nowi find i have many null Year values

These files are usually corrupt or have an unsupported format.
For more information about filters, see (really!)

Here are suggestions on tools to check files for problems:

Any of the file technical information (i.e. fields that start with an underscore character like %_bitrate%) cannot be written, but are pulled from the file info itself. If these are missing, they were not written by the original software.

Metadata values that can be written or changed like Year can be updated by several methods. Of course you can manually override these yourself, or use one of the automated tools if they apply.

noted. thank you.
sourceforge and Github, binaries etc, i find a bit difficult/impossible, but i give that a go

The alternative is to delete the files that show no codec.

so they cannot be matched and imported from some source?

They cannot be edited.

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