How to flag a tag as being populated


I have %lyrics% and album art tagged on my FLAC and MP3 files. For the purpose of an export, I'd like to include a column that simply shows whether the file either has or doesn't have lyrics or album art.

For album art, there is the tag %_covers% which outputs the number of covers. But for lyrics, I would have to define a new one and set it based on the presence of %lyrics%. What logic do I use for that particular action?



In analogy to the info variable %_covers%, which returns the amount of stored covers, you can count the characters in a lyrics tag field,
e.g. using scripting function '$len(%UNSYNCEDLYRICS%)'.
You may script further checking for cases like 'greater than zero' or 'equal to zero'.

==> e. g. true: '991', false: [nothing]
$iflonger(%unsyncedlyrics%,,'Lyrics exist','Lyrics empty')
==> e. g. true: 'Lyrics exist', false: 'Lyrics empty'



Thanks. That worked.


Next (related) question... how do I store this text as it's own tag? The reason is that I'm building an export script and need to provide a dedicated tag that says that the tag is populated.


What should it be: "this text" and "it's own tag"?

You can use the Mp3tag function literals from above without need to change them in an export script or as a formatstring in an action.



OK. I wasn't aware that it could be used elsewhere. I was able to put that directly in my export script and it's working fine now.

Since that is working I don't really need this anymore but I'm curious how it works... how do I store this expression's value ("Lyrics Exist" in this case) as it's own tag? In the column's definition I have:
Value: $iflonger(%lyrics%,,'Lyrics exist','Lyrics empty')
Field: %lyrics_status%

But when I view the extended tag there is no %lyrics_status% tag. I could populate it via an Action but it wouldn't be dynamic. Does the [Field] in the column definition not work that way?


There was a similar problem:
adding track # to title



Got it. Thanks again.