How to get a csv export with columns?


I have used MP3tag for several years with great success.
My computer rashed last year and I found myself stranded without MP3tag.

I managed to find it again and everything works except that I am unable to export the result as a CSV excel sheet with full columns for each field.

Can anyone send me the correct format for that export?



The default installation has a sample export script for csv.

Perhaps you need extra information like in this thread:


Thank you but I did not find what I was looking for.

Please isnt there somewhere a simple CSV request that can export the mp3tag to an excel sheet with full columns respected?

It must be very simple but would avoid wasting so much time for us novices in those things

Please, can you do that?



So you think it is easier to use my time?
I can't do anything for you as I don't know which columns you mean with

as every user can define his own set of columns.

In German, I think that this is the contents of the default csv script:
$filename(csv,utf-16)Titel;Interpret;Album;Track;Jahr;Länge;Größe;Geändert;Pfad;Dateiname; $loop(%_filename_ext%)%title%;%artist%;%album%;%track%;%year%;%_length_seconds%;%_file_size%;%_file_mod_date%;%_folderpath%;%_filename_ext%; $loopend()Erstellt am %_date% mit %_app% - dem universellen Tag Editor -

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