How to map ALBUMARTIST TO ALBUM ARTIST for flac files

Could someone please briefly walk me through how to create a mapping that will cause any edits I make to the ALBUMARTIST field in a FLAC file to also apply to the ALBUM ARTIST field? I'm having an issue with the way Media monkey is interpreting these tags and this seems the fastest way to fix the issue. Thanks.

Do you have a flac file that shows the ABUMARTIST correctly in Media Monkey?
if so, then load that into MP3tag and see in the extended tags dialogue (Alt-T) in which field you find that information.
Use that field name if any mapping is rquired.

The problem with Media Monkey seems to be that, when it sees a flac file, it will first treat ALBUM ARTIST as its default tag for sorting by album artist. If ALBUM ARTIST doesn't exist, it will then default to ALBUMARTIST. Right now in mp3tag, I've got it set up to where I can see and edit both ALBUMARTIST and ALBUM ARTIST, and I've done some tests that confirm the Media Monkey behavior. If I'm understanding mp3tag mappings correctly, I'd like to link any change to the ALBUMARTIST field in a flac file to also apply to ALBUM ARTIST, and I think this will solve my MM problem. My issue right now is that I'm 100% inexperienced with creating mappings, and I don't know how to fill out the tag-source-target fields to to what I'm trying to do.

See the documentation about mapping:

Please note that a mapping does not copy the field contents of 1 field to another one with a different name.

Ok it seems like mapping is not the correct method for what I'm trying to do. Is there a way to link these two fields automatically, without doing a tag-to-tag manual edit each time?

You could create an action that does that so that you don't have to set up the converter ... but there is no real automatism, you have to trigger it.

Se this thread:

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I'll look into that, thanks.

Using Mediamonkey and Mp3Tag-mapping you would have to create a mapping pair like this:

Tag: Vorbis Comment

So every flac file in Mp3Tag shows ALBUMARTIST if their is a tagfield "ALBUM ARTIST". But it also shows 2 ALBUMARTIST fields if there are "ALBUM ARTIST" and "ALBUMARTIST" in the tag.

The mapping is very useful if your are working in Mp3Tag across different formats (i.e. MP3 and FLAC). Without defined mappings you would have to create different scripts and format strings for the formats.

Mediamonkey treats ALBUMARTIST in flacs a little bit confusing.
When it finds a field like ALBUMARTIST or "ALBUM ARTIST" it manages them as a pair. As soon as you do any writing with Mediamonkey and it finds either one of these tag-fields, it creates the other one automatically but it displays only "ALBUM ARTIST". If you delete the shown "ALBUM ARTIST" with Mediamonkey it deletes also ALBUMARTIST.


It's probably worth noting that every change including this mapping, would also change an existing ALBUMARTIST field to ALBUM ARTIST — possibly resulting in two ALBUM ARTIST fields if the original tag had both ALBUMARTIST and ALBUM ARTIST.