Problem with mp3Tag + MediaMonkey

Hi everybody, I'm going mad while trying to use MP3Tag in combination with Media Monkey.

I have been updating my music database and the tags. I would like to use ID3v1 + ID3v2.

My problem: I do not see the changes I made with MP3Tag in Media Monkey, i.e. for the ablum artist.

My settings are as follows:

READ: ID3v1 + ID3v2 checked, APE not checked
WRITE: ID3v1 + ID3v2 checked, APE not checked, plus "ID3v2.3 UTF16" checked
DELETE: APE checked

Save song information: ID3v1 + ID3v2-Tags
ID3v2 Code: ASCII + UTF16 if necessary
"Update Tags after changing properties" checked

Does anybody has an idea what's wrong with that?

Thanx for any answer.


Did you re-read your changed tracks in MM after you made any changes in Mp3tag?
MM only detects changes, if you
a) manually re-read this tracks
b) set "folder(s) to monitor" for tracks that you change inside such a directory

Mediamonkey normally shows you the content of it's database and not what's inside the tags.
So you habe to rescan your files so that Mediamonky updates it's database.

Have you set the option "Preserve file modification time when saving tags" in Mp3tag?
Disable that and rescan your files in Mediamonkey.

Thanks for your help.

My "music"-folder is set to "scan continously" (because it takes some time to have it scanned completely at each startup), and I have manually "added / re-scanned the library". I even startet Media Monkey new - the changes made with MP3Tag are not shown.

It works perfectly the other way round: If I change tags in MM and refresh MP3Tag, the changes are shown in MP3Tag.

In my version, it is called: "Modify timestamp when updating tags", and it is not checked...

Maybe I should change to ID2v3 completely? Would mean no problem with any of my devices. Should I delete the ID3v1-Tags in that case?

That's because MM works with a database (a collection of previously scanned id3 tags). You could even delete all your songs and still see this tags in MM. Don't do it anyway. :yum:

Mp3tag read the tags directly from the tracks every time you load them. So you see every change instantly.

You should update your Mp3tag to the newest version and turn off "Preserve file modification time when saving tags" in Mp3tag. This way Mp3tag changes the last modified date for your changed tracks. This should show MM to re-scan such files.

Please read this thread in the MM forum too.

That's the option in Mediamonkey. I was talking about the option in MP3Tag:
To my opinion it should me unchecked so that other programs know for certain that something in the files has changed.

I had a look at your first post again and you are mentioning "Album Artist".
The ID3v2-tag is called ALBUMARTIST in Mp3Tag. It is possible that you mix them in the 2 programs.
Have a look at all your tags in Mp3Tag with the extended tag-view (ALT-6) and tell us what you see. I suspect that you see 2 or more different tag-fields.

Okay, I mixed up the preferences of the 2 programmes, that's true.

When I changethe "Album Artist" in MP3Tag, it fills the same field as it does when I fill it in MM; I checked that with the extended Tags in MP3Tag.

On the other Hand, I tried to change the "genre" in MP3Tag, and I could not see the change in MM after

  1. simply refreshing the view
  2. Add/Rescan the library + refreshing the view
  3. restarting MM after No. 2)

I updated MP3Tag to version 3.3, and I use MM Gold version

Here are my settings:

Settings for MM in a separate post due to tretrictions for new users... :wink:

Thank you both so much for your support!


If you need any more information, please let me know.

Please try it again with this changed MediaMonkey settings:

It seems that you don't rescan the tags into MM at all with your current settings.

That's it! Now it works perfectly! Thankyou so much!

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