How to move up Mp3tag in shell?

I would like to rearrange my shell. I have Mp3tag put in it, but it resides somewhere between things I rarely use [but still need them]; and as they are not even listed alphabetically, I have to spend a precious second or two to find it

I use free software called Swith Sound File Converter. In it, in the
File > Options > Right-Click
I can choose to add new entries for the shell menu, that convert file to a format of my choosing. And those entries are added at the top of my right click menu. And that is very helpful because it speeds my audio related workflow and takes out of it my repetitive movements of mouse pointer

So does anyone know how do I change my registry to move up Mp3tag entry? I tried a simple trick of uninstalling Mp3tag and installing it again, but the Mp3tag showed up in the context menu in the same position as before

Or maybe It is not possible and I need to make a request and kindly ask Florian for such a distinctive change?

I think relies an awful lot on the local settings and environment.

Perhaps this external link explains more and tells you what to do:

It seems, that this other shell fix REQUEST: shell icon have automatically bumped my Mp3tag entry to almost the top: just below those two Switch Sound File Converter options

I then tried a simple trick of exporting around 10 existing Mp3tag shell entries [like HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Classes\Directory\shell and for example HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Classes\SystemFileAssociations.FLAC\Shell], deleting them and importing back- but they have returned to the same [although still higher] place [just below Switch]

Then I found all those entries in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Classes\Local Settings\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Shell\MuiCache, where Mp3tag was residing literally on top of Switch. So this was also not the place to look into [because rearranging somehow them would be futile, because Mp3tag already is above Switch]

So I've tried the suggested method from [which is talked about in the link you provided]. As a test I did what was said there and the "Open Containing Folder" entry was created in my shell: below my current Mp3tag entry, so still below my Switch entries. So if I were to adapt this instruction for opening Mp3tag, it would still be in a wrong place of my shell [not at the very top]

Then I tried the second method from Unfortunately I did not find

using switch
Switchwhile at the same time being able to find
open with[which is mentioned there as an example]

The only other thing I could come up with was to look for "using switch" throughout the registry, to see if

C:\Program Files (x86)\NCH Software\Switch\switch.exewas followed anywhere by something other that
"%1"like in the cases of entries in registry evoking
C:\Program Files (x86)\Mp3tag\Mp3tag.exeThat way I found multiple Switch entries with
-extfind IMS "%L"
-extfind Scribe "%L"
-convert -format .flac "%L"But I do not know what they stand for [except for the obvious "convert"  and "format"] so I do not know if they are responsible for sticking those two Switch entries always at the top of my shell ERGO I do not know if it's worth to mess around with them [unfrtunatelly places where I would need to remove / add those values are counted in dozens]

Now I've also noticed, that shell entries for audio files have not only this "command" key, but also "DropTarget", which has StringValue "Clsid" set to "{46986115-84D6-459c-8F95-52DD653E532E}". And in my trials I did some test. I was suppose to write this in this thread:

But after a reset, it all went back to previous state. And my registry was all messed up. So I was thinking, that first I double check that method and then look for some script, than would execute REG file when starting my system. And so I restored my system from an image [from before I started to make all those changes]

And to my surprise my method didn't work. I can't make anymore [for example a FLAC file] to be played when double clicked in Winamp and to be send to Mp3tag with the "Open" shell shortcut. It's either a state when both "Open" and double click sends file to Mp3tag or a state when these two send it to Winamp

I've tried also adding [activating in the Winamp Preferences > File Types > Shell Options] the "Play in Winamp" shell shortcut, and then changing it in registry in the same way, but the result was the same

And to make things even more complex, I've discovered that

HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Winamp.File.WV\shelldoes not have the "open" sub-key in it; but somehow the "Open" option exists in shell of WV files. So I just do not know from where WV files take behavior analogical to FLACs and my other audio files

And on top of that, WAV format doesn't show at all that "MP3Tag" shortcut

So unless somehow has too much free time or is experienced in editing Windows' registry and will direct me, this is it for me; I give up

The only think that shouldn't require too much work would be a change, that would modify the sending of a file to the Mp3tag via this MP3tag shortcut. I would prefer, if it only added selected file to the list [enqueue it in Mp3tag if it happens to be already opened]; and not replace the current list of files [because it would not disrupt whatever I was doing in Mp3tag]. Unfortunately, what works for Winamp

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Winamp\winamp.exe" /ADD "%1"does not work for Mp3tag
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Mp3tag\Mp3tag.exe" /ADD "%1"[the >>/ADD<< is ignored, and so the file is loaded to Mp3tag and not merely enqueued in it]

So does anyone know where such a change would have to be done, and where, to make the "MP3Tag" shell shortcut only add a file to Mp3tag?

Not for a short-cut, but you can use CTRL + Mp3tag on the file(s)'s right-click context menu.

Yes, executing this default entry in shell menu with CTRL makes the file[s] added to the exiting list, and not loaded as a whole new list

So thank you very much for giving me this workaround

But there is a "problem" with this workaround MP3 TAG

When I execute the shell shortcut in normal way, the window of Mp3tag is brought to the front

But when the shell shortcut is executed with CTRL, the window stays in the background; which is quite logical. But this means I have to press ALT + TAB, to access a result with those files [the opened Mp3tag istelf], which is part of the work I have to do anyhow in case if I am not executing shorcut with CTRL being pressed on

Can Mp3tag window be told to somehow put itself in front, every time some files are added to it with the CTRL?

Yes, it can:
Shell CTRL

With the usage of FreeCommander