REQUEST: Integrate Mp3tag into OS shell menu

Not so long ago there was this request

and this mine will be a bit of a science-fiction; but nevertheless here it goes

I would like to be able to place [export] actions in the right click menu of the OS. Or some of the functions, like the removal of tags. So that I would not have to load some files just to navigate to them in Mp3tag, which often I have to open first as it is not even running

I know: to make it user friendly / configurable it would be probably very hard and / or time consuming; as this old tampering of mine attests to that:

But I am presenting this idea as a long shoot

Just something to think about:
Using a command like e.g. an action requires to load the command interpreter.
For MP3tag actions and exports this would be MP3tag.
There is currently no way to use command line parameters to start MP3tag to execute actions or reports.
The idea to use command line parameters goes back to 2006:

It might have been worthwhile to continue that discussion than to start a similar new topic.

You may be right on that

But this wizard help tool of this new forum did not suggested to me that thread when posting. And when I was writing this post of mine I searched for old ones concerning shell menu, to which those evoked links attest

But also, as for the similarity between how a command line works and shell menu entries- I have very limited knowledge about that; and so I would not have made that connection on my own

How about adding actions to right click menu within Mp3tag?

I would put there those few that I use constantly, thus saving time needed for navigating through my 150+ actions, most of them hidden within sub-menus

This feature has also been discussed before: