How to remove UnknownAlbum folder and shift all files up one level


So I have a music management software that created folder for every artist..
Currently it goes like this C:\Music\ArtistName&Track title\UnknownAlbum\xxxxx.mp3

Id like to remove the "unknownAlbum" from the directory and just have the mp3 reside one level up
in the \ArtistName&Title\ folder... essentially just moving the file up one level in the directory and/or eliminating the \UnknownAlbum\ folder..

Is there a script I can use to achieve this?

Thank you in advance!

I hope that tags are filled (except the one for album, obviously).
Try Convert>Tag-Tag for _DIRECTORY (you may have to type that in),
Format string: C:\Music\%artist% & %title%\
(is that correct? you have a folder that is named like the track title and then the track inside that folder? Isn't that a little redundant? Just asking.)

Well, it basically keeps each track in its own folder rather than bunch of files all in one parent folder..
It is a bit redundant, but it does keep them organized.. I mean it usually just artist name, so all tracks by an artist are in appropriate folder.. that could be a great solution too, so if you know how, I'm all ears.. just trying to keep the file path reasonably short and having them all being in "unknownAlbum" is just a waste

Very true.
If you tell us what a favoured structure should look like, perhaps we can think of something.

well, i think the easiest way would be to just remove the "UnknownAlbum" folder and move everything one level up.. There are also some other folders in similar situation that id like to remove.. so a script that would remove a designated folder from the structure and shift everything below it into its parent folder would be a great way

Please check what the suggestion in post #2 can do for you.

That helps, but its not a very clean collection, so i wouldnt be surprised if some files dont have the artist info and the track title is super long (Artist, title, bpm, key, etc)

I guess im just looking to get rid of the specific folder in the chain, redefining the path could create problems Id rather not encounter..

Then I would not bother about a folder structure but get the tags filled properly first.
You know that you can extract tag information also from folder names? So if you have the artist's name in the folder but not in the tag, then I would first try to get that updated.

You could also try Convert>Tag-Tag for _DIRECTORY
Format string: $replace(%_path%,\UnknownAlbum,)
Please note that the function to replace is case sensitive.

That ALMOST worked!

Only it writes the path twice..F:/Music/Artistname/ F/Music/Artistname/xxxxxx.mp3

Then tell me which function you used.
As Convert>Tag-Tag has a preview you should have seen the probable result there already ...

The preview looks perfect, but the end result is this double path, please see the selected two files

I did Tag-Tag, field is _DIRECTORY
the format string is $replace(%_path%,\UnknownAlbum,)

Yes, ... and I do not see "UnknownAlbum" in the path any more. I would grade that as "success".
I just tried my suggestion and it works as intended. So please show me a dump of the Tag-Tag-dialogue.


It would be nice to see the preview for a file that actually produces a sensible result.
This path does not contain "UnknownAlbum" and seems to be messed up somehow. I would assume that the duplication of paths has happened before.
If it were caused by the $replace() then the duplicated bit should not look like "blank F" but like "F blank" as the ":" is an invalid character in the middle of a path.

Weird, i just tried it again on other files and it worked fine.. I'll guess ill have to play with it..
Thank you sooo much for your help, it was awesome! :pray: