How to rename a batch of files like "01 Hello" to "01 - Hello"?

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The line of the topic explains the question for it self.

How can I rename a batch of files whose names like "01 Hello" to "01 - Hello"?

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Use the function Convert>Tag-Filename
Format string: $num(%track%,2) - %title%
(provided the tag fields are filled)
Otherwise you should fill the tag fields first.
function Convert>Filename-Tag
Pattern: %track% %title%

There was a similar problem some time back:

ohrenkino you are always helping!
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I followed the steps, but at the end, the outcome was "01 - 01 Hello" .

How to fix to "01 - Hello"?

By the way, all my actions were saved on a damaged hard drive. All my questions and solutions about mp3tag were there. Too bad!

To clean up the filename:
for filenames with 2 numbers:

Convert>Tag-Tag for _FILENAME
Format string: $regexp(%_filename%,(\d+ - )\d+ (.*),$1$2)

for filenames with just 1 number:
Convert>Tag-Tag for _FILENAME
Format string: $regexp(%_filename%,(\d+ )(.*),$1- $2)

But that looks to me as though the TITLE also has a number in it. For that you can use the almost the same converter like for 1 number only this time with TITLE everywhere there was _FILENAME

The preview in the converter should show you if everything is OK.

In my version there's no "_FILENAME" option. ]

image here

I'll do it manually using what you allready told me.

Thanks a lot again!

That is in my so, too.
You really have to type it in:

Oh Yeah!
Now it works!

ohrenkino, you are the one man!

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Use the function: Convert > Filename - Filename
Old filename pattern:%1 %2
New filename pattern:%1 - %2