How to strip/delete a certain tag of all marked songs? Or strip a whole tag set?

Assume I have many songs which have two tag sets:

ID3v1 and ID3v2.3

Because I need/want only the more advanced v2.3 version I want to strip/delete the ID3v1 tag set from all currently marked songs (but keep the v2.3 tag set): How can I do that?

Assume I only want to strip/delete a certain tag (e.g. "Genre") from the tag set of all currently marked songs: How can do this?


Modify Tools>Options>Mpeg
read V1
delete V1, APE
write: only V2

then select your tracks,
in the files list open the context menu and select "Cut tags"
then immediately afterwards select from the context menu "paste tags".
this then writes only those tag types back that you set in the options.

A word of warning: once you have cut the tags the tags are actually deleted from the files. SO if anything goes wrong until they are pasted again, the information will be lost.
So it may be a good idea to operate only on a sensibly small amount of files.

From the dropdown list for GENRE in the tag panel select and press Ctrl-S
Other tags that are not shown in the tag panel delete in the extended tags dialogue (Alt-T).


Why would you only read ID3v1 tags? And why the need for "cut" and "paste"?

I would think you just read ID3v2 tags, write ID3v2, and remove APE and ID3v1. Then you just use "X" (remove tags).

Maybe I'm missing something.

A simpler soulution would be:
Tools > Options > Tags > Mpeg:

And than simply Remove Tags ( in the menu bar) in the menu bar. This only removes those tags selected in the options, ID3v2 will be kept when your opitions are as shown above.

That's the way I do it with APE tags. I keep ID3v1 tags for read&write and don't care about them because they do no harm and keep my files compatible to very old software.

@JJ Johnson:
Saw your post only after mine was written. That's exactly what I thought.

to avoid confusion:
ID3v1 = tag
GENRE = tag field

I thought that if you have information only in the V1 tags and you delete them then you would not transfer it to V2. ... Or am I "on the woodway"?

I this case:
READ: ID3v2, ID3v1

Step 1: :mt_save: (to transfer ID3v1 ot ID3v2)
Step 2: :mt_delete: (to remove ID3v1)

Ok, thank you.

But this procedure is somehow clumsy and unhandy.

Why not intriduce a new context menu entry "Tag delete" with the context sub menus

That would be user friendly.

Maybe this is already on the feature request list?


I think the assumption is that every user wants always the same tags in all his files. So remove tags always removes the same tags, the one which he doesn't want.
At least in my case, this assumption is true.

The cutting and pasting is only necessary in the transient phase when you have already tagged your files completely and want to clean up the versions.
When you are in the process of tagging then with every save the versions would get standardized according to the settings in options.
I doubt that it is a normal use case to frequently change versions of tag types.

Ok, I understand

However I have a problem with this evolutionary step-by-step conversion.

Almost all my *.mp3 files here have (only) ID3v2 tags.
Occasionally I want to copy a new set out of them onto my USB stick for usage on my car mp3 player device.
Unfortuantely this device only understands iD3v1 tags.

So what I want to do in such a situation is to

1.) Make a copy of all the new selected *.mp3s from my main hard disc directory
2.) Load this new "car" directory into MP3tag and mark them all
3.) Click a (context) menu in MP3tag: Copy all ID3v2 tag sets to ID3v1 tag sets
4.) Possibly wipe all ID3v2 tag sets

This seems to be currently not possible.
Am I right?

Could this fetaure be added to the next release?
This should be easy.

Thank you

It IS possible.
Taken, that you work with a copy of the fully tagged files it is very easy to get to the lower version.
You cut the V2 tags, modify the settings in Tools>Options>Mpeg so that only V1 tag types get written and paste the tags again. This strips all V2 tag types.
Please note that there are more V2 tags than V1 tags so that reverting to V1 tags looses information. Therefore it is just as you described: work with copies.

Why don't you write both types for all files? This seems to be the easiest and also most common option.

There are players around that simply skip files that have V2-type tags.
We actually have two of these in our children's compact stereos. So whenever they want to play something on their equipment we have to convert the tag types as otherwise we only hear the "sound of silence".