How to tag m4b files?

As soon as I press save everything I have edited or added goes blank. I was using a portable version or MP3tag so i tried installing the newest install version.. same deal :confused:

Really would like to be able to change the cover, tittle, and genre on a lot of books i have.




Try using these settings: Hit CTRL+O in mp3Tag.

Failing that, play around with those settings. I dont have any m4b files but I'm sure it could this.

Upgrading my phone at the moment and found a m4b file well actually I converted it to a m4b file. It's a notication sound clip and it works fine.
Added, artist, album, genre, artwork and no problem saving.

Here's the file for you to try out. If you're having problems then one of your mp3Tag settings is wrong.

Or, it's something about the file you're trying to tag. (168 KB) (168 KB)

Works fine with files with no chapters (your example and one i made to test).. not so much with ones with chapters. Which is 99% of my m4bs :frowning:

Just like the first link. I'm sure it's been asked before to support chapters (if possible). If not then you can at the link below.

Check here first, then post: /c/general-discussion