How to you save changes in MP3 Tag

I bought the MP3Tag app yesterday via the App Store (version 1.6.1)
I can't seem to save any changes that I am making to my music files and was wondering if you can tell me how to do this.
The downward arrow "save" tab in the tab bar (just above the word "Filename") is greyed out and so it won't let me save any changes that I have made to the music files.
Are you able to please help on this?

see the documentation:

You must select at least one file in the list. Otherwise tools will be greyed out and not available.

Thanks for your prompt responses.
I have tried selecting all files in the list and/or just one file in the list and in both instances the save tab is still greyed out so I still can't save any changes.
Any further guidance please?

Mp3tag automatically saves the changes when changing the selection in the File List — the save button and menu are only active if there are unsaved changes you've entered on the Tag Panel on the left.

Does this explain what you're observing?

In addition, you can force save, e.g., for rewriting tags via ⌥⌘ S.

Hi Florian,
I think I have got it now.
Thanks for your prompt reply and assistance.

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