Howto match a track with Discogs Websource Script?

No, sorry I meant if the application can’t immediately find a match for the track. Do you have to select it manually? … and do you do that by the Discogs ID#?
So in this case it would be SRNYC033CD for the Strictly Roger Sanchez 3xCD Compilation.

Many thanks

Maybe someone else can help you with this separate question, because I don't use Discogs at all.
I'm pretty sure there are other users here with more experience with this Websource Script.

Okay, no problem. Thanks for all your help today. It’s very much appreciated :+1:

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Hi, I may be able to help you here. I assume you try to find the release by Discogs, Discogs + Artist or Discogs +Title that returns no results or incorrect results?

What I do is open Discogs in my web browser and find the track or album I'm looking for - in your case searhcing for SRNYC033CD gives two results, one master and one release - you want the release rather than the master although you can choose the version you want further down the page:

Click on the 3xCD version to display that release's page
If you now look in the browser address bar you'll see
Copy the number immediately following release/ and choose your tag source as Discogs Release ID
Paste 8425480 into that search by box and it will return the exact details you're looking for.

Hope that helps