I can't give multiple mp3s in the same album both cover art

I am trying to give "skrillex - rock 'n' roll" and "skrillex - scary monsters and nice sprites," which have been put in the same album, the same cover art. However, only the one I downloaded first is getting the cover art, the other one does not accept it. Even when I select both of them to give the cover art, after I click save tag it undoes everything what I did. Here are some screenshots.

is there any way I can fix this?

Could you please describe how you do the adding of the coverart exactly? There are different ways to do this.

I notice that your track "Rock 'n' Roll" already has 3 covers embedded, inspite in the tagpanel no coverart is shown. Have you scrolled to 2/3 and 3/3 in the cover art display in the tag panel using the arrows shown below this display?

I would check downloaded files always for integrity first.

I would copy the cover art from scary monsters and nice sprites and paste it into rock 'n' roll.

But once I decided to paste the cover art into both of them at the same time even though scary monsters and nice sprites is working, in a desperate attempt to make the tag save. (it didn't work)

You can have only 1 picture in the clipboard at any one time. So if these 2 different covers, you have to copy and paste them one after the other.

The other hint was meant seriously:


Just realized you can have multiple cover arts on the same file lol. Removed all but one on each file and fixed the problem!

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