I have an album cover that doesn't show up in VLC but other album covers do

I am starting to use the program for the first time. So far I'm doing pretty well. I have already managed to change everything that I needed to "fix" the songs. But it turns out that there is an album that, although I have a cover on it, does not appear if I open it with VLC. However, I have other albums and they do show up when I open VLC.

In this case, the album (the one that works) has a cover called "art.jpg". The tag version is "ID3v2.3 (ID3v1 ID3v2.3)". When I open a song from this album in VLC, everything looks fine.
The second album (the one that doesn't work) has a cover called "art.jpg". The tag version is "ID3v2.3 (ID3v1 ID3v2.3)" (same as above). But in this one, the cover doesn't appear. It appears completely black.

Then I tried to send the files to my mobile, and both covers appears correctly. But in VLC it doesn't and I have no idea why that is.

I have already cleared the VLC cache and there are no hidden files in the album folder. But none of this fixes the problem.

Have you really embedded the picture?
Because ... as soon as you embed the picture, it looses its name. So if you still see "art.jpg" as picture file in MP3tag then the picture is still only in the file system.

You can filter for files without embedded picture with
%_covers% MISSING
Ideally, when all files have embedded pictures, the file list stays empty.
All files that are still displayed with the applied filter don't have an embedded picture.

It's also possible that the filename was used as cover description — but good point!

If this is the case and the cover is embedded, please check the album name. Since VLC tries to store the album art in directories in the local filesystem, album names ending with, e.g., three dots ... can't be saved by VLC.

Yes. It stays empty as soon as I write that filter. And the image doesn't appear in the album files in MP3tag, but it does appear in the Windows folder. I mean the "art.jpg" file. But if I select a song from that album, the cover art appears on the left (where you can edit everything else), as if it were actually embedded.

It really is as if there were a completely black cover, because when I open a song with VLC, instead of the typical icon of the cone, I only see a black screen.

I have nothing written in the description of the cover. Only the image of the cover itself. But that's what I'm saying, that it doesn't make sense to open other album and see the cover, but not on this one in particular.

The folder where I keep these songs (the ones that are missing the covers) is called "Aeterna Noctis" (from the videogame). It has no unusual characters.

I'm going to upload other album that shows up the cover.

Could you test the files without picture with the tools linked in this thread:

I got this:

I thinkk the revealing tool here is MP3diags which says it cannot load the picture.
So, please, delete the picture,
check the files again with MP3diags that no other errors pop-up and the one with the picture is gone,
then import / embed a working picture.

See e.g. this thread:

After deleting the cover art:

But still, if I open the song, the black screen still remains.

Then, If I change the cover to, for example, the one that I showed you earlier (the one in the album "7th Dragon"):

Still, the black screen remains if I open the songs with that new cover... :frowning:

And MP3 Diags, after that change into the cover, these are the errors that pop-up:

The first image is the "tag details" in MP3 Diags.

The second image is the "tag details" but for the new cover art.

But still, as I said, the black screen remains.

You would have to clear the VLC cache after updating the image to see any immediate effect

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These findings can be ignored.

And as I said in the firts post, the image does show up if I open it in my phone. But here, in my PC, even with VLC or Windows Media, there's no cover to show.

The WMP also has a cache.
Or it relies on the (generated) folder.jpg file which could also be blank/black.
See here the path to the WMP cache:

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Ahh, Okay. Yes, it does show up the new cover.

So the problem is the image of the cover?

Yes, as MP3diags showed, the embedded cover was corrupt.
If you replace the embedded image with a good one, the players should show the working image.

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Interesting. I'm seeing different things when I compare the art.jpg to the ones that work. For example, in this image, the first three are the ones that work, while the fourth is the one that doesn't. While in the first three, the file size is more than 100KB, in the fourth the size is less than 30KB (although I guess this won't have much to do with it).

But if I go to "details", look how it changes. In "profundidad en bits" which translated to english is like "bit depth". While the first three are 24, the fourth one is 32. I don't see anything else worth mentioning in here. So my guess is that is the problem, maybe?

If you have a decent graphics editor, you could create another picture with a bit-depth of 32 and see whether this also causes problems.
Or it could be that this particular picture was simply messed up and it is not really worth it to investigate further.

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