I want to add my own "Artist Profile Style Image" as Coverart for each Artist/Group

I know a few of you might find this odd. But I don't always look at album art for organizing my music. I prefer a image of the person or group and then use the same coverart for all the files. But here is the issue I'm having.
(1) I have been just grabbing a copy of a image from Google Search for the "Artists/Groups" name and then I copy the image and paste it into the mp3tag
(2) Hear is the real problem I don't know much about the music player I use on my phone
(3) When I find a nice image and copy it and then paste it and then save it and then view it on the phones music player it looks a bit blurry

I want to have a nice looking image with all the music.

So what I plan to do is find some images one for each of the "Artists/Groups" I currently have and then resize them all to the appropriate "Size" and "Measurements" and then use the images as "Coverart". I know this might sound odd to some but that is just what I like.

I also like the original versions of songs not live versions where you hear people yelling in the background. And sometimes I don't like remakes. But it also depends on the remake. If its a cover by someone else its not always to bad.

So as of right now I want to work on the "Coverart". Is there a specific size/measurement I should be using.

Any tips about how to add my own coverart images please let me know.

However, do whatever flows your boat.
If the artworks that you add in mp3tag (embed) look sharp on your PC the problem is most likely the player on your phone.
A good starting point would be telling us a) which model of phone you use (to know the resolution of your device), b) which app you are using on that phone and c) what size the images you are currently using are.
Personally I add both an Artist.jpg image in the top folder of an artist and then Cover.jpg in the specific album folders. That way my music players are able to display both a correct image for the artist AND for each specific album. For Cover.jpg I usually aim for 1400x1400px as resolution. Which is good for viewing on monitors and overkill for phones.

Okay first of all the Phone is a Samsung Galaxy A71 5G " 6.7 " Super AMOLED Plus Infinity O display with an FHD+ 1080x2400 resolution with a 20:9 aspect ratio and a ~393 ppi density with Corning Gorilla Glass 3". This info on the phone was from a Google Search and some details from the wikipedia showed up.

And I don't know the size of the images I just Right-Click and copy and then paste them inside the mp3tag. So what I want to do is go onto the internet and find a main image for the artists/groups and then same each image by name into the "Pictures" folder and then resize them all to the same best size option and then change the "Coverart" for each of the albums. Or I might try your idea for Artist.jpg and Cover.jpg. I don't know how well that would work though unless I can have a specific image show when I click on the artist on my music player and then have a different image for the albums. I'm still a bit new to some of the stuff on mp3tag. I normally just went and added the files one at a time and changed the coverart and title and such for random songs. But now I'm working with "Artists/Groups" and "Albums" and "Musicbrainz" all on mp3tag so I'm learning stuff as I go I guess.

(1) I would like to have a nice image for the "Artists/Groups" per artist/group
(2) If I can have a "Artists/Groups" image and a good quality "Coverart/Albumart" that would be okay also
(3) I'm using a free music player called "Musicolet"
(4) My phones resolution is "1080x2400" I guess

Based on all this what should I make the images as:
I know there are some sites that allow you to search by size or allow you to change the size of a image online for free.

Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated thank you.

P.S. I don't listen to music on PC only on my phone. So resolution specs don't matter for laptop just phone any good starting size ideas. I will try 1 size on 1 file and than if it works have all the other images match same size. And so on.

When you paste them into mp3tag, it will show you what the dimension of the artwork are. Ideally you will want something at least 500x500, but maybe not larger than 1200x1200?

When you are searching images with Google, you can use the “Tools” option at the top and choose to show different sizes, try choosing Large.

If you need this picture only for your (current) phone - you don't display it on your Tablet/Laptop/PC or a 4K TV-Screen - then you could just try the size that gives you the best visual result.

Take a picture from Google Search and drag & drop it in its original size to a test-track in Mp3tag. Save this change. See what resolution/dimension Mp3tag shows for this picture (right side of the cover picture, something like
Then transfer your song to your phone. Watch this song in your player on your phone.

Open the same track in Mp3tag again and resize the existing cover picture with a right-click on the cover picture and "Adjust cover". Choose a smaller size, maybe the half of the existing picture size or some fixed size like 1000 or 540. Save this change. Transfer the testtrack again to your phone. Watch it again in your player and see the difference.

As soon as it looks a bit blurry, the choosen picture size it too small.
(There is also a small risk that your player can't handle the picture format and resize it badly. In this case you could try "Adjust cover" in Mp3tag and also change the output format from "Original" to "JPG" or "PNG").

Some players also have the default setting to resize all art above a certain resolution on the fly (they don't change the source image) to have a smaller resource footprint on the phone.
My player of choice, which is Symfonium, does this for example. However it also has the option to display the artwork at full resolution.

I'd be very surprised if 1000x1000px+ art as .jpg or .png would not yield sharp and crisp results on your phone tho. Good luck.

I did add all of the songs to my cellphone that I have currently done. And I decided to just take a look at them and see which ones looked bad and then remove the artist or group and then redo the album/coverart so it looks good. The only thing I really hate about coverart for albums is that sometimes there is a bunch of writing on the album art. And its blurry or hard to make out. So just having a slid image of the artist or group that kind of looks like a wallpaper this way. Plus there is no reason for me to really need album art since I don't show off my music collection. Plus if for example there is a normal version song and then a newer version acoustic or live. I will listen to all three versions and see what I like the most and keep the ones I like. Normally I don't do lives unless there is very little background yelling. Or sometimes some albums will have the same songs as another album. So I don't need three of the same exact songs from five years apart that sound exactly the same. So I don't really like album art but currently I am organizing by album. Once I'm done I will go through all the artists/groups and delete the doubles or triples of the same songs. So album art might not be the best thing for me.

I do plan to keep the "Artist/Group" name and the song title and then I plan to keep or add "Genres" and then I also plan to have every song have the same coverart based on the "Artist/Group". I think this would be easier since I will be deleting a lot of doubles and many of the albums would not be full for this reason.

So coverart I will see if the player can adjust that for me. Or I might just find a second player or look through a few different options for cellphone apps that can be used as a music player. I also have "VLC" app as well. So I know there are a few options.

see e.g. foobar2000 - which is a free player.

If you're the only one using the music that's a viable approach. My collection is used by my entire family and friends. Because of that I go the opposite route. If I like something very much, I add it to one of my personal playlists. I don't delete albums unless everyone with access to my library agrees that the album in question sucks.

Finding high quality album art is the bane of my existence. However there are helper tools like "Album Art Downloader XUI" or sites like this one which make it easier than ever.

If you're open to non-free apps I'd suggest giving Symfonium a try. It has a test period of 1 week I think after which it costs 5ish € if I recall correctly. It's 100% worth that much and more in my opinion.

The album art looks to be okay now. What I did was I did a multiple tab search on my Firefox Browser for the "Artist/Group" and I did about 10 at a time and then I went and searched for images. Waited for the image to load fully and then opened the image in a new tab and then waited till the image loaded and then saved the image inside a folder on my "Desktop" called "AlbumArt" and then I continue until all of my current artists and groups are finished and then I go onto the mp3tag and change the "AlbumArt" by "Artist/Group" and then I save and then I deleted the "Artist" from my phone and replaced it with the one I just changed the art for and it looked a lot better. So far so good. I just need to finish a few artists and then I should be able to move on the my "Female" "Country Artists/Groups".

I didn't know I could drag and drop. But saving the images from the internet and then changing them on mp3tag from saved images worked out well. Some "Artists/Groups" are no longer around so I will only need the images once. But some artists are from groups or join groups and such. So I will be downloading and saving image that I might need for a later date. But the tip for finding the image size and changing the image size comes in handy thank you.

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There are several great players for Android available, some are free and some are paid. I have reviewed several of them in this thread.

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Please note that the quality of some pictures found thanks to Google is really bad.
Just found an example:

Look at the bad quality of the first picture offered.
Sometimes you have to click on several other pictures for the same coverart to find a better one (bigger & better quality):

(You can open this AniGif in a new Browser Tab.)

Google isn't the main offender I think. Many of the streaming services share the same image pool, but some decide that it's a good idea to upscale images. Apple Music and iTunes for example love having 3000px art. Even if it's a horrible pixelated upscale of a source that's max. 1200px.

This is an example from yesterday.
Tidal, iTunes, Deezer, Amazon Music and Apple Music all have the same horribly pixelated and artifact-ridden image (take a look at the cheek of Graham Nash if you have a hard time noticing the compression artefacts) in different resolutions ranging from 1400px to 4000px. NONE of which are good quality.

That's why I inspect all images at 100% zoom and usually compare at least 3 versions before settling on one to add to my album folder.

It was not my intention to blame Google. It is just an observation that sometimes the available source quality is bad. Something that neither Mp3tag nor any smartphone player app can improve.
To find and select a high quality picture is essential, whatever source one is using.

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