ID3v2 Tags - problems with ISO or unicode

I have seen other posts with ISO-Unicode problems and I want to add my own here.
Yes I had those reading problems and taking into account that WinAmp doesn't properly display Unicode now I know what's happening. But I can't fix it!
I have some ISO tags that are read correctly both by Mp3tag (check option 'Decode...') and the player (Foobar too) and some that are Unicode and correctly read by Mp3tag but not by the player (WinAmp-no,Foobar-yes).
To solve it I decide to use ISO only tags for now but the option 'Always write ISO...' doesn't work on me. It produces '?????????' whenever I use it both in mp3tag and player.
The language is greek. Is there a solution to that?
I can't believe I am the only one that cannot solve this by enabling ISO-write on tags :astonished:


PS. ver 234a but you can see that of course :slight_smile:

Edit: Maybe I have to add that the system (Win2K) is in english but I use greek as a language for the tags.

Edit 2: Convert from actions has the same '?????' effect.

Greek letters are not included in ISO-8859-1 (google it if you want to see what characters are included) and therefore converted to ? when you save them.
If you want to save these letters, you must use unicode or use the old non-unicode version of Mp3tag.

What surprises me is that from 'Action' you can do a converision to Greek-1253 (so it's supposed to be supported and Windows-1253 is the correct) but that doesn't work either.
Can you please explain that? Would this be a bug or does it fall under the ISO-8859-1 case again and shouldn't be there?
For now yes, I am using the 232 version without unicode until maybe sometime greek is supported.

No, it converts from Greek-1253 to unicode.

Cleared, thanks.

Edit: Daam! 0 out of 2 assumptions. :stuck_out_tongue: