[Idea] Ignore Errors, bulk skip un-editable files

I have been using the program for a long time, sometimes it fails to change the metadata of a file and the program spams me with windows that I have to open several hundred times, is it possible to put a marker to ignore errors and miss files that cannot be edited?

Have you already disabled all the Messages in the Options Ctrl+O under "Messages"?

Could you describe under which adverse conditions you get messages

I bet that there must be other workarounds than to suppress messages.

Yes, but I constantly have to skip files that can't change their metadata.

Sometimes there are no such notifications, but when there are a lot of files, an error appears: you cannot change the data. And options: try again, ignore or close.

Then I have to assume that you constantly have sound files in a bad condition.
I would start check problematic files for errors and fix them before adding any metadata or change them.

Maybe, but that's not my way. I would like to be able to remember my choices (skip uneditable files). Just putting a checkbox, I don't think that's difficult.

I work with 20,000+ files, I don't have time to check and fix each one.

and they mostly .wav, not .mp3

But this shouldn't be the job for a program designed to edit metadata tags for files. I'm sure the backlash would be much stronger if the opposite were the case, and files that were not updated were just skipped as you are requesting. Imagine the frustration assuming all changes were savedas expected, but they actually weren't? Where would you begin to go back and find those files to start again?

Regardless of the format, if a file is corrupt for any reason, it should be repaired before any metadata changes are attempted. This is not a task for mp3tag.

For me it is not critical if some files do not get their tags. I just don't want to close dialog boxes all the time.

I would like to see an option in the future to put a "remember my selection" checkbox.

And until this option is implemented and you still don't want to see the messages in the meantime, the only way around it is to check the files first for integrity.and then tag only the ones that proove to be ok.

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