If FLAC do this, if MP3 do that?


Action for altering the star rating for FLAC would be like this:

Action for altering the star rating for MP3 would be like this:

Since my collection contains both formats, I have to sort them by extension and then apply one of above.
How can I combine the 2 actions into 1?

So if it's a FLAC, alter the RATING WMP, and if it's a MP3, alter the POPULARIMETER
*Mind you: both fields are not there from the get-go, they need to be set using these actions.

Added scripts for easier editing:

RATING WMP | $replace(%energy%,[EN]High,255,[EN]Mid,153,[EN]Low,51)


%RATING WMP% | %RATING WMP% [%dummy%


POPULARIMETER | $replace(%energy%,[EN]High,255,[EN]Mid,153,[EN]Low,51)


%popularimeter% | %POPULARIMETER% [%dummy%


IMHO it is all the same.
You should write only the field POPULARIMETER.
Rating WMP, Rating MM, Rating WInamp and original POPULARIMETER all map to the same POPM field
Then it depends on the data in the field whether it is interpreted as one or the other.
So if you want to keep Popularimeter, use x|y with y operating as bits, the lowest number is 32, I think for 1 star.
If there is no | and the numbers are below 6 or there are asterisks then it works as one of the rating xyz fields.
I have seen that WMP transforms genuine POPM fields into rating wmp fields.

When I simply used the ''Action for altering the star rating for MP3'' on my FLAC files, it doesnt show the stars in Traktor.

Same for an action like this...

For MP3 I need to use:

For FLAC I need to use:

...Which I'd like to combine in 1 action.

You can create a mapping in Tools>Options>Mapping to cater for different naming schemes

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Thanks again ohrenkino.

Using the ''Action for altering the star rating for MP3'' and adding this value to Mappings:

However, the stars don't show up in Traktor.

The Extended tags shows the value in RATING WMP though:

Perhaps just stars is not enough. See here on traktor ratings

Nope, that's not it.
It's because Mp3tag is masking?
When I check the file with dbpoweramp, it shows POPULARIMETER instead of RATING WMP:

As far as I interpreted it, the format for the popularimeter is
string bar number:

It is... for mp3, not for FLAC.

But the point is, why is dbpoweramp showing POPULARIMETER and Mp3tag is showing RATING WMP?
I bet the Mapping does some sort of masking.
Hence in Traktor it tries to read out the RATING WMP, which isnt there. because POPULARIMETER is.

Please note that there is only one field, called POPM, so all applications read the same field (if they read it at all).
See e.g. the help on POPM:

The problem is that different programs expect different data in that field.

Traktor wants the xxx@yyy|51 in POPM for MP3;
Traktor wants 51 in POPM for FLAC.

That's the issue right?

Considering my older approach (using Energy level from MIK generated output in comment field), in order to make the stars show up, I have to go this route:

And for FLAC, this route:

POPULARIMETER is the Mp3tag field name for the ID3v2 POPM frame. It has nothing to do with FLAC's VorbisComments and I strongly advise against adding such tags to FLAC files.

RATING WMP is an artificial Mp3tag field to be used with ID3v2 tags that adds an ID3v2 POPM frame in the format expected by Windows Media Player.

If you add mappings at "Options > Tags > Mappings" without knowing what you do, expect incompatibilities and lots of surprises.

To identify which field name is used by Traktor for the FLAC rating, just add a rating in Traktor on a new file and review the tags via the extended tag dialog at Alt + T in Mp3tag. I doubt that it's RATING WMP for FLAC.

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I altered the amount of Stars in traktor, and opened the track in mp3tag.
Looks like Traktor IS using RATING WMP however:

After d/ling a new track - not processed yet - analyzed in Traktor, gave it 1 star, same result:

Since Traktor is using RATING WMP to define the amount of stars, is Mapping simply not an option?

Yes. If Traktor is using RATING WMP as field name (a real surprise to me), mapping the field to another field is not needed.

Have you tried using RATING WMP for both MP3 and FLAC files?

I doubt that that would be working, but i will try asap.
For overall completeness, I d/led the mp3 variant of the same track too, and did same approach.
Concluded: RATING WMP for FLAC and xxx@yyy.de|** for MP3:

OK, it won't work then — Traktor is using a different format for the POPM ID3v2 frame than the one that is used by Mp3tag's ID3v2 RATING WMP.

Ok, it's getting stranger ...
IT IS working!
using RATING WMP for both mp3 and flac.

they show up in Traktor.
Just the moment u close Traktor, it writes the xx@yy.de|** to the mp3, while not to the FLAC =)