Import Cover from File, again

I followed a few of the threads but could not find a way to batch import cover art from all of my folders to embed in the MP3's.... I did find a quick action for a single set of files, but nothing that will let me do say 100 folders with the art at a time. I'm hoping there is something easier, right now it just seems faster to drag and drop the jpg image into MP3Tag

Very hard to give any more profound suggestions as you supply only very little information.

There is an action

If you set the filename to
then that action imports the first jpg file found in each files folder.
i don't know if that helps you.

Love your logo of the old Teac BTW... I used to have a very nice one! I did read this doc, but could only get it to work for a single folder at a time. But perhaps I am simply doing it wrong. I went to:
Actions>Actions(quick), Select Action Type (Import Cover from file) . I am using the string (Folder.jpg %artist%). When I try this across more than one folder I get an error naming each folder and stating that the folder cannot be accessed. Though it works perfect if I just do the contents of a single folder.

You really have picture files names e.g. "folder.jpg Abba"?
Have you tried

as suggested?

Oh, the action is the right on.

And the reel-to-reel tape recorder is an Akai GX77.

Thx, I had a Teac x2000r w/dbx compander, loved the machine, amazing audio quality. So when I try "*.jpg" I get the error File \?. There are several jpgs in every folder, small, large and Folder.jpg. Most files were ripped with WMP which created some of the images.

Fairly astounding that you get an error as *.jpg takes the first jpg-file found in a folder. An error would only occur if there is no jpg file in a folder.

A more specific error is "File \? file path etc etc. Disc 2*.jpg The Alan Parsons Project cannot be accessed."

Please show us a real folder with real music files including a real jpg in a screenshot.

Best would be if you take the screenshot from Windows Explorer to see all the directories, subdirectories to your music folder and files.

and a rather interesting item... I thought I had iterated through my entire collection and embedded the artwork, only to find that most of now seems to be missing, hence my posting on this topic

I ask you again: do you really have a jpg file that has the artist name following the file extension?
The error message says that a file with the name "*.jpg The Alan Parsons Project" - unfortunately, the screenshot does not show this folder but one for Abba, so we cannot see whether that file exists.
But if the Alan Parsons folder follows similar patterns like the Abba one that in the posted screenshot, then there are no files with an artist name following the extension.

So, please show us a screenshot of the action that you use.
Have you really used only as
Format string for cover filename: *.jpg
or have you used
Format string for cover filename: *.jpg %artist%
(which will most likely lead to an error as such a file will probably not exist).

Load all your files in MP3Tag. Then apply the filter
%_covers% MISSING
which as result will show you all files without an embedded cover.

You screenshot shows us that you have at least 5 artwork-files in the directory, obviously created by the Windows Media Player. 2 Albumart-files and the folder.jpg are hidden, 2 other Albumart-files not.

Your screensot of the explorer does not show any details of the files (size, resolution), probably your folder.jpg, created by WMP is rather small (200x200). If this resolution is sufficient for you, it's o.k. and you can embed the folder.jpg in your files like Ohrenkino wrote.
There is no artwork with a filename like folder.jpg ABBA, so naturallay this can't work. Just take only folder.jpg in your action.

Thanks everyone who has chimed in so far, just to clear up a few things now that I am understanding this better...

  1. when I use the filter "%_covers% MISSING" it does in fact show hundreds of folders that are missing cover art. Is there a way to get an actual count? (It might be there and I am just not seeing it) Of course what still puzzles me is that I spent a lot of time a couple of years ago updating my cover art files via the built in utilities.
  2. Something else odd... I thought Sonos was reading the MP3 tag for cover art, but even after re-indexing multiple times it seems to see the cover art just fine on every file....(Sonos is what pushed me in the direction of MP3TAG in the first place, as it used to just display a blank image, and I love MP3TAG)
  3. I do in fact have a generic file called "folder.jpg" in every folder and this image does match the actual cover art for the folder.
  4. Now that I modified the quick action per ohrenkino to use just "*.jpg" the action appears to be working just fine so far. The "%artist%" field was from a similar thread that I was following trying to get this to work

Many, many thanks to the community for helping me with this!!

Instead of the *.jpg which picks the first file that matches the pattern, you could alternatively use as
Format string for the filename: folder.jpg
That is probably the best of all the picture files in each folder.

You can apply the action to import files from cover for all the selected files in 1 go.
After you have run the action. with the filter %_covers% MISSING press F3 2x to refresh the filter.
Ideally, no files should then appear in the file list. If some do, then no cover for these files could be found.

What your sonos player does with modified tag data ... is a question for the sonos support.

In the lower right corner of Mp3tag you see this status bar:

This says:
1 file is currently selected (Duration 2:21, Size 5.3MB)
There are 14 files filtered (with your %_covers% MISSING) from total 12823 loaded files.
These filtered files have a duration of 43 minutes and a total size of 98.5MB)

Perfect, thank you for the breakdown

And did our problem get solved?

I saved all my covers to a Cover map with Mp3Tag
If you have all covers already in your tags.
Select your files click right on cover to set youre covers as frontcover and CTRL+S (save).

Quick Action: Export Covers
T:\Covers\%artist%\%artist% - %title%

SET NO Extension .JPG after this because you get *.jpg.jpg

After exporting...

Quick Action: Import covers
T:\Covers\%artist%\%artist% - %title%.jpg

Don't forget to CTRL+S (Save)

After you have run an action, it is not necessary to save the modifcation explicitly. It has already been done.