Import from Musicbrainz - Multiple Discs - Again

Follow up on the topic :

which was left for dead. Two points :

  • 1st point : if the number of songs in the right pane (song that you select to match songs in the left pane) is strictly bigger than the maximal number of songs that can be displayed (after the "adjust tag information" windows has been maximized as much as it can be ; for instance, on my 15' laptop it is roughly 51 songs, if I want to keep on 150% scaling on my windows 10 not to end up blind) then there is an awful glitch that causes any click on the "move up" or "move down" buttons to "reselect" the whole songs to match, songs you already selected in the right pane. This makes the functionnality totally useless in that case. I can provide a screen recording if needed (if my explanation is not clear) ; I am just lazy for now, because as the zip file is > 3Mb, to be obliged to create links on cloud services just for this ...
  • 2nd point : in the first point, if the album has for instance 18 CDs with 39 songs each (so that you won't have the awful glitch), to match the songs from the 17th CD, you only solution for now is the select the 39 songs on the right pane and then ... to click 16*39=624 times on the "move down button". But you want to match all songs from all CDs. This means that you will have (for that matching session) to click (0+1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10+11+12+13+14+15+16+17)*39 = 5967 times on the "move down button" ... This is really unacceptable, especially if you bulk edit several albums ... (Imagine if you moreover have the glitch from point 1 ...) As proposed in the aforementionned topic, why don't you, once for all, create the following obvious functionnality : allowing the user to select 39 songs on the right pane (as target songs to match with) and to then select 39 songs in the right panes (as song to match with target songs) ? (For this also, I can provide screen recording if needed.)

Remark : as this is all very painful to execute, you can click very very fast a lot of time on "move down" and let the scrolling down finish before re clicking like this. In this case, if you switch to another application, the scrolling down instantaneously stops, so that you can't even do something else while the scrolling down finishes ...