Import from Musicbrainz - Multiple Discs

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I am sure there is a way but either I cannot find it or I am to stupid to understand mp3tag. I wanted to rip a larger CD collection and tag the mp3s accordingly. I already found the dataset on musicbrainz including all sub-CDs I need.

Now I don't get how I can re-tag a specific CD out of the larger list. So let's say I copied Cd #4 from that collection, I look for the whole collection and get a large list containig all CDs lets say 1-20. Then I try to select the tracks from that list of Cd #4. But the tagging always starts with the first CD in the list.

How can I force mp3tag to take only some entries from a larger list?

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Hi Sebastian and welcome :slight_smile:

You'd need to move the files on the right to match the position of the titles on the left.

Hello Florian,

That helped me too, thanks!

If you please: Provide an option here too, with which to enable synchronized scrolling between the two window panes. For example, a keyboard shortcut which locks the center scroll in position.


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