Import text file into tag: problem with square brackets in the path

Quick action >> Import text file >>
I want to import EAC.log into ENCODERSETTINGS. If there are characters above 256 code in the path (ű in foldername in my case), the import does not work -- error message "(file)...cannot be accessed".

Case 1 does not work:
...importing D:\Csere\Mendelssohn\Hegedűv. 64. mű. ÖH 5. Hebridák [Szabadvári Díszes Zk vez.Heras-Casado 2017.]\Pontos HangMásolat.log

Case 2 works:
...importing D:\Csere\Pontos HangMásolat.log

With created action group the situation is the same. Earlier i never ran into such problem. (Now: 2.98a)

It's because of the square brackets, not the character encoding.
As you probably know, square brackets have a special function when scripting.
The problem goes away if you replace them.
But this problem is a weakness if it is intended behaviour and a bug if it is not.

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Yes, you are right, thank you for your help. I have not noticed it so far, because (contrary to what I typed above) it works as a created action; namely, I only write Pontos HangMásolat.log, as the filename.

And I agree with your opinion:

But this problem is a weakness if it is intended behaviour and a bug if it is not.

I am not sure if the input of a format string with all its specialities is really a bug.
In all (other) cases where you explicitly enter the square brackets in a format string they have this special function and have to be enclosed with apostrophes.

I agree; but, in this case we select the file with mouse click in the Windows pop-up file selector window. And then -- the selection does not work. This is unusual in any application.

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I see - the function to select the file returns a string that cannot be processed any further. That IS odd.
If you edit the string so that the square brackets get masked, then it works.
If you use the function Convert>Text file-Tag with the same file, then it works without the need to edit anything. So the behaviour is not quite without surprises.

That seems like a good work-around, but file selection is restricted to TXT and CSV files when using "Convert > Text file-Tag".

Maybe requiring square brackets to be escaped is desired behavior for the "Import text file" action.
If so, the file selector in "Convert > Text file-Tag" could be changed to allow LOG files (and other plain text files) to be selected, not only TXT and CSV.

With Mp3tag v2.99b, I'm now automatically escaping special characters used for scripting for the chosen file name at the action "Import text file".

Thanks for the inspiration!


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