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I have generated Music.txt from iTunes.

Now when I checked music files using Mp3Tag, then I found that many files are not have names of Composers.

How can I replace the names of missing "Composers" only where the Filename.Mp3 with location path are same [ of iTunes & %_folderpath%%_filename_ext%].

for example

if the song at:
G:\iTunes\Music\Jis Desh Mein Ganga Behti Hai\Jis Desh Mein Ganga Behti Hai\31 Aa Ab Laut Chalen.mp3

is same as Mp3Tags i.e. %_folderpath%%_filename_ext%

is not having the name of the composer then it should pickup from the excel file and replace the empty "Composer"
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Please Help !

Thanks in Advance.

Jagdish Purohit

Please read there to get an overview about this theme ...

For short ...
You need to create a text file with one line per file entry.
Each line must contain the absolute file path and the composer string.
Both values must be separated by a separator character resp. a separator string, which is unique to the other data in this file.

"The Unknown Composer"|"G:\iTunes\Music\Jis Desh Mein Ganga Behti Hai\Jis Desh Mein Ganga Behti Hai\31 Aa Ab Laut Chalen.mp3"

In Mp3tag you need to load all the files you want to change (the same set of files as within the import text file).
Then call the converter "Textfile-Tag" with the Formatstring


Thanks for the prompt reply!

I want commands that will replace only value of composer where composers value is blank only.
Sir, will this do the same?
Or is there any other way?


You can use the Mp3tag Filter with a Filter expression like this ...
... to get only files into view with non existing values in the COMPOSER tag-field.

Then export this list of files into a textfile.
Then fill in the composer data into the textfile in relation to the given filepathnames.
Then import the composer data from this textfile using converter "Textfile - Tag".



Sir, I have nearly 1000+ odd songs and in which the composers name needs to be change of nearly 500+.

Please explain in detail [step by step], how to do the same.



What does this mean?

There are probably other methods than the outlined one, which could also solve the task.

For example one can import the entire set of data, regardless whether COMPOSER values do exist or not in the target files, by importing the COMPOSER value, file by file using converter "Textfile - Tag", into an user defined temporary tag-field.

After the full import is done, then one can use the Mp3tag action feature to automatically and selectively copy the COMPOSER string from the temporary tag-field into an ordinary COMPOSER tag-field, which then will be created automatically in the referred file.
Afterwards the temporary tag-field can be removed from the files.

Please provide an example of few lines of your input file to help you to create the fitting import Formatstring.


Sir, my case is slightly different

  1. I had exported Music.txt from iTunes, then they were imported in excel file and arranged as
    Path|Composer totally 1000+ records

  2. I run Mp3Tag file of ..\iTunes\Music folder, it scanned and then shown that camposer is missing in
    500+ files.

  3. I have made a field "fullpath"[%_folderpath%%_filename_ext%], I have used exported tag_txt
    of which the composer were missing.

  4. Now what to ?

Please also note that the path+filename shall be different.

Hmm, let us try to go a step.
Export the Excel data list of 1000+ records into a CSV textfile without header line.
The line format should be somewhat of ...
... or ...
Show an example line of this textfile here.


the output of tag-txt file [only path] these are 1000+
G:\iTunes\Music\Aakhir Kyon _\Aakhir Kyon _\Saat Rang Mein Kheel.mp3
G:\iTunes\Music\Aan\Aan\65 Takra Gaya Tumse Dil.mp3
G:\iTunes\Music\Aan\Aan\Khelo Rang Hamaare Sang Aaj Din Rang.mp3
G:\iTunes\Music\Aandolan\Aandolan\02 Daro Deewar Pe Hasrat .. Humbhi A.mp3

the output of tag-txt file [path|Composer] these are nearly 500+
G:\iTunes\Music\Abdullah\Abdullah\Om Jai Jagdish Hare Swami Jai Jagdis.mp3|Anand Bakshi
G:\iTunes\Music\Aflatoon\Aflatoon\999 Galat Hai Loot Tumhe Husnwalon N.mp3|Niyaz Usmani
G:\iTunes\Music\Aakhir Kyon _\Aakhir Kyon _\Saat Rang Mein Kheel.mp3|Indivar
G:\iTunes\Music\Amaanat-1994\Amaanat\02 Ye Duniya Kya Mange Money.mp3|Arun Bakshi
G:\iTunes\Music\Aman\Aman\02 Aman Kaa Farishtaa Kahaan Jaa Rah.mp3|Hasrat Jaipuri
G:\iTunes\Music\Anadi Khiladi\Anadi Khiladi\02 Yeh Hai Bombai Pyare.mp3|Abhilash
G:\iTunes\Music\Aan\Aan\65 Takra Gaya Tumse Dil.mp3|Shakeel Badayuni

Hmm, before we try to go the next step, please answer the following question:
With focus on the main set of 1000+ records, are there files, which have the tag-field COMPOSER already set and which are not allowed to be overwritten?


Yes and that is why I am selecting where Composer is _blank
sort on Composer.

Ok. Now you are able to go a step further.
Now we try a way to go, which Mp3tag provides as the standard way.

Because you offer a textfile, which contains the full filepath for each file entry, Mp3tag should be able to automatically bind the textfile's input lines to the relating file entry in Mp3tag file list view.

You can try out how this method works with a small set of two test files.
Test file 1 carries already a proper filled COMPOSER tag-field, which should not be touched by the following test process.
Test file 2 does not have a COMPOSER tag-field yet.
Use dialog "Extended view..." to check both test files to guarantee these conditions.

Create a small test input file with one or more entries of the 500+ records subset.
One line of the small test input file must contain the filepathname of test file 2 and the correspnding composer value.
Each line should have the format as you have outlined before ...
... for example ...
G:\iTunes\Music\Aakhir Kyon _\Aakhir Kyon _\Saat Rang Mein Kheel.mp3|Indivar

Select both test files in Mp3tag list view and invoke the converter "Textfile - Tag".
Fill in the filename pointing to the small test input file.
Fill in the fitting formatstring %_PATH%|%COMPOSER%
Apply the converter.
Mp3tag will report some messages, read these messages and check if the messages are correct.
Use dialog "Extended view..." to check both test files.
Expected result:
Test file 1 should not have been altered in any way.
Test file 2 should have a COMPOSER tag-field with the value "Indivar".

If all went correct, then you can apply this method to the whole set of files.

To make the process more safe, you can use at first the Mp3tag Filter on the set of 1000+ records in order to suppress all files, which already have a COMPOSER tag-field embedded.
Apply this filter expression ...
Then apply the converter "Textfile - Tag" using the import textfile for the set of 500+ records.
Mp3tag will report some messages, read these messages and check if the messages are correct.
Check the Composer column in the list view or use the dialog "Extended view..." to check the result on some files.
All files from the set of 500+ records should have a COMPOSER tag-field now, which is set to the value given by the import textfile corresponding to the given filepathname.


Thanks for all the effort.

It is going above my brains.

I will do it manually.




My condolences.