In the 'Genre' drop-down menu, 'Audiobook' is listed twice

Audiobook Duplication

It is possible one has a trailing space.

If you created User-defined genres, and any of them is the same as a default genre, they will be duplicated in the drop-down menu.

You can show only your own list:user defined genres


I think I'm shipping the default installation with Audiobook as an example for a custom genre. I'll look into it and either use a different example or remove any duplicates.

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OP here. Thanks both ryerman and Florian for the helpful responses. I just checked and 'Audiobook' was listed as a user-defined genre. I've deleted it now, so there is no longer any duplication.

However, I know I never added 'Audiobook' as a user-defined genre myself, so what Florian said is likely the cause.

Have a great day.

It's fixed with Mp3tag v3.10a.


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