Inability to use latest level of MP3tag

I am afraid I must stop using new versions of MP3Tag because the ID standard apparently does not allow me to view categories like genre, composer, etc. . I have depended on this since my entire music collection is digitized for SONOS. So, I am using back level versions of your product. I wish the newest level allowed me to do that. I am sure there's a way to do it. but I just cannot take that on right now, No need to respond unless there is a way to get the latest version to do that.

Is this the sequel to

TBH: I don't understand your problem.
Could you show us a real example of a file what you expect to see, what you actually see.
Especidally interesting would be the extended tags dialogue of a single file and a screendump of the settings in Tools>Options>Tags>Mpeg.

And: could there be a misunderstanding? MP3tag is a tagging program but not the tagging standard for mp3s.

What do you think it is about the id3 standard you are using, including for Sonos, that the current version of mp3tag does not support? Genre and Composer, among all other fields, are very well supported and follow the standard already.