Incorrect data showing in field column

Hi, i have a column call date created, i'm recording my mp3'a and when they are done i have a re-recoded date column. atfer tags are update with the correct info and are copied to another drive using copy icon at top, the date created field does not change on the copied drive. mind you the files being copied are to a backup drive. any idea why this is happening please?


Could you please show us a printscreen of your date columns and the "copy icon at top"?

BTW: Is your question a follow-up of your %_file_create_date% column question?

AFAIK. these properties are managed by the OS.

Thanks Everyone

ohrenkino i would think that since this info is in the tag that it would copy wouldn't you?

I believe the date created tag is managed by the OS only, and is not copied as a user managed tag. Date modified on the other hand can be manipulated somewhat, and there is actually a setting in the preferences to choose whether or not to allow this date to change when mp3tag saves any modifications. But this is definitely different from the created date.

MotleyG Thank you do you know how to set that and where im tag or OS

In the second checkbox in the tags settings, preserve the modification time when saving tags...

In my opinion, it is not advisable to use the filesystem date contents for purposes of "when recorded, when purchased, etc.". If you really want to keep such information, you should also save it in a tag field, a personal one if you like.
In Mp3Tag these data of the file system are only information fields, as quasi pseudotags with which one can work.

The setting in Mp3Tag e.g. (preserve modification time) would be counterproductive for me personally, as I use this date to control the synchronization with another instance of my music collection. Synchronizing based on the content of the files alone would be far too slow.

To show the volatility of this information:
For example, if you copy a file from an NTFS file system to a FAT32 file system, a completely new current creation date is generated and the day of the change date remains the same and the time changes by a few seconds. So it's possible that the copied file gets a creation day of today and a last modification date of last week. If you copy from NTFS to NTFS the creation date will stay the same.

So my advice:
If you want to use such information in the file system permanently for your purposes and therefore want to keep it, copy it into the corresponding tag fields you have created yourself, e.g. by a simple Format Value action.
Field: MY_RECORDING_DAY (or whatever name you prefer)
Format string:% _file_create_date%

or with the converter Tag-> Tag and the same information.

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The info is not in the tag but is managed by the OS - wherever that stores such information. MP3tag retrieves that data as "read-only" data and displays it for you as a service.
What the OS then does when you copy files ... is a question for the OS.

Thanks everyone for the help i believe i figure it out by modify date in mp3tag.