Incorrect duration because bitrate wrong

I recently found this file Edit: removed download link which should be 1:54s and 189kbps. It is reported in mp3Tag as 32kbps and 11mins.

Many thanks.

In many cases, the mp3 header is not correct.
Try one of the well-known utilities to repair it:
mp3val, foobar2000, mp3diags

Many thanks. I've just tried mp3val and whilst it says it is fixed, it isn't.

Trim the file using mp3DirectCut:

Thanks ryerman, mp3directcut was the answer.

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OK, what about the others? Not all tools are equally suitable for every error.

If you cut anything from the audio part, then most likely the header gets re-written and hopefully replaces the corrupt data with valid data.
And while the utilities that I suggested usually leave the audio part as it is I suspect that you now lost some of audio data when you cut the file.

You are right that the Header was re-written which corrected the file.

However there was 237ms of DC before the audio at the front and nearly a second of silence at the end, after the fade. Removing all of this has actually improved the track. Comparing the edited version to the original, they sound identical.

Many thanks for your guidance.