Information Bar at Bottom of Main Window

Currently at bottom of Main Window on the left is displayed "ready" ... which doesn't yet mean anything to me. Much better would be to display the filename. Being sight impaired I use the 125% layout on my screen, and often find I need to scroll to the left to see which file I'm working on.


This information changes when
... you add or open a new folder with a lot of files in it
... you process a lot of files with an action
... clean up the MP3tag internal library
... an export has been completed

As this feature is not available now - in which workflow do you need to see the filename? Perhaps there is a workaround.

This "ready" indicator and other messages that appear there are useful when working on many files at once. Maybe the current selected file could be added to show up centered in the bottom bar, if that is an option? However I question what the appropriate display would be when more than one file is selected.

Here are my old ideas about the info bar, with a visual comparison example of such actual changes from other piece of software:

I just need to see the filename (anywhere) when editing the tags of a single file. Nothing fancy ... but Zerow has some interesting ideas ...

You could add a custom column like this:

If you only want to see the filename and extension:

And the filename only (without exenstion) would be %_filename%

Thx lyricslover but I need to see the filename when i'm scrolled away from any particular column. As it is I'm constantly scrolling to the left to see the filename column (and cluttering up my limited screen with multiple filename columns is not an option)

TBH: In my workflow the filename could be of interest only during the very first moments when I have to decide if I can recycle some of the data in the filename to be incorporated in the tag.
But from then onwards the filename becomes irrelevant for me. That is why I asked what your workflow looks like that you need to look at the filename frequently, even after you have scrolled further to the right.

A workaround right now would be to add another column with the filename somewhere in the middle. Like that you would not have to scroll that far to the left ... It's a workaround...

Not important to the discussion, but my workflow is to compare two equal filenames, each in different directories. One has been run through Discogs only, the other Discogs then Musicbrainz. Musicbrainz catches about 25 true mistakes per thousand, mixed in with about 150 Musicbrainz bad entries. So I drag about 2,000 tagged mp3's into Musicbrainz, then cull them down to the 175 that need a closer look-see, which I do manually for each pair.

I try to be help that you get a workaround until the function is there.
I mean ...
apparently, you have to sort the files by filename and then identify the pair.
If you then select both files in the file list and look at the tag panel then you should see fairly quickly where data is different as those fields are then displayed as <keep>.
You could then easily select the correct data from the dropdown lists and apply it - or delete the file in the files list - this would not require any horizontal scrolling.
Perhaps you can even arrange the columns in the files list in such a way that they complement the information in the tag panel so that you can judge easily which file to keep.
You could even save the configuration for the tag panel and the files list for this special purpose and then return to your regular layout.
Just a thought on my side.

Having the filename in the tag panel would be helpful. I tried the obvious permutations and combinations but was unable to get it to display. Can you assist? Thx

The filename is a property with a name that starts with an underscore and such fields cannot be added to the tag panel.
of course, you could create a user-defined field that features the filename and add that user-defined field to the tag panel...

So I created a user-defined field MyFilename with a value of %_filename% and it did not pull through the data (although using %artist% - %title% did). Can you provide more details on how this might work?

I don't know where you created that field.
No, you would have to copy the data from _FILENAME to MyFilename with an action of the type "Format value" for MyFilename and
Format string: %_filename%
prior to the comparison.

Thanks. That'll work. Much easier than scrolling left & right to see the filename.

...the Tag Panel could have un-editable tag fields added with an upgrade

Such feature could allow to see in it data like _SAMPLERATE and _LENGTH