Is it possible to edit the "Description" tag in MP3TAG?

Hi, is there no way to edit the metadata "Description" in MP3TAG?

It's possible, please let me know where it's not working for you.

I am using the trial version.
I imported a few mp4 music files which have text in the Description tag.
I know because I see this text in the Apple Music library. I entered the text myself.
However, in MP3TAG I don't see a column for the Description tag.
It is also not listed in the popup window list of column options.

You said it is possible. How?

Do you see that field with the extended tags window at View → Extended Tags... ⌘T ?

If yes you can edit from there or add it to the Tag Panel on the left and the File List as described in

Yes, I see it now. However, ...

I have some music files in the Apple Music library (mp3 and m4a) that have text in the Description tag in the Apple Music library, but the text does not show up in MP3TAG. The text is also not seen using the TagEditor.

And then I have a few m4a files where the Description tag text is visible in MP3TAG and in the TagEditor. When I deleted the Description tag in one file in MP3TAG it did not disappear in the Apple Music library, even if I delete and reimport the file into the Apple Music library.

My aim is to bulk delete the Description tag content of about a couple hundred CDs in the Apple Music library. This cannot be done in the Apple Music app. I need to use a third-party tag editor. It doesn't look like that I will be able to do it using MP3TAG. Or?

Anything you see in Apple Music that cannot be displayed in mp3tag's extended tags window are proprietary from their store and cannot be changed. These are buried in the packaging.

Are these files local, or through the cloud on your devices? Cloud files revert to the Apple tag info. Local files should recognize the changed tags, but only if you run a refresh script or manually delete them from the library your library and add them back.

None of my music files with tags in the Description tag are proprietary from the iTunes store. I made these files from CD and also added the tags myself a few years ago. The software I used no longer exists. I have only 4 music files where the tag is visible in a tag editor. I must have added these tags manually in the Apple Music app.

The files are local.

That wasn't clear from above. But this is strange behavior if the fields were added by an editor that followed the standards.

Do you recall the name of this app? Maybe that would help narrow down the issue.

Can you post one of these files to be looked at? You mentioned above that you couldn't edit these fields in Apple Music, do you mean iTunes? If you can't edit them now, I can't see how you were able to put them there in the first place.

Unfortunately, I cannot remember the name of the software. It was discontinued and is not compatible with the macOS that I am using now. So, I uninstalled the software long ago.

Yes, I mean iTunes. It is now called Music.

By experimenting around I discovered that the text in the Description tag in the Apple Music library was only added to the Music library and not to the music files. If I delete a music file with a Description tag from the library and reimport the file then the Description tag text is gone. So, the legacy software added the Description text only to the Apple Music library.

Is there a way to use MP3TAG to remove tags from the Apple Music library itself?

In the old days, one could force iTunes to write all the information to the tags by converting the tag version - this conversion also could be from 2.3 to 2.3, so no data was lost.
I don't know whether this function still exists.
Like that you would get the descriptions into the files.

And then it is up to the player to update its database which means that MP3tag does not do anything in the iTunes library.

I've read that iTunes also had a brief period where it allowed to edit the Description text for audio files. It could be that the legacy software was iTunes itself.

Unfortunately not. I'm keeping away from that undocumented beast :sweat_smile:

Possible. But I believe I was using a third party editor that imported the iTunes library and I used it to add thousands of cover arts and to bulk edit tags. There were actually 2 softwares that worked together but had different function. It was a German software. It was quite large, not just a simple tool. I wish I could remember the names. It is possible that the software met its end when iTunes became the Music app.

Bummer. Anyway, thanks for your help.

I found the software in one of my backups. They are both from Equinux. One is called CoverScout and the other SongGenie. I think I used SongGenie to create the Description tags. As of at least OSX 10.14 both are no longer working on the Mac.

Just for clarification: there is iTunes, which is now renamed to Music on macOS (I often refer to it as to emphasize the difference to, well, music), and there is Apple Music (the music streaming service from Apple). The OP was referring to

@Detlef, can you try refreshing the files as outlined here:

If this doesn't work, I'd start from scratch with a new library (and keep the old one in a backup).

Yes, when I said Apple Music library I meant the library.

As a reminder. In my case the text in the Description tag is only in the library. It is not saved in the music files. I know that I can remove the Description tag text by deleting and reload the song into the library. I would have to do that for hundereds of songs. That is not practical. Also editing manually in the library is not practical. One way to do it would be to refresh the content in the library. Force the library to reload all content. I will have a look at the Apple Script solution you mentioned. Thanks! I am familar with Doug's AppleScript. I used many of his scripts.

I forgot that Apple changed iTunes->Music recently, sorry for the confusion. I was trying to differentiate from the mobile Apple Music app.

Something like this script may help to batch modify your descriptions? I'd try on a few files with backups before letting it loose on hundreds of files at once to be sure.

I've also seen this script but it says

This script will not work on macOS 10.15+

which might be related to the changes to

It might need a tweak to work, but I have limited experience on macOS.
Unfortunately if the info is not actually in the file, mp3tag can't do anything to fix this.

Doug's AppleScripts are run-only. You can't edit them. The Doug's AppleScript you suggested (Enter Description Text for Selected v2.0) works in iTunes but not in the

However, Doug's AppleScript "Sundry Info To Comments" works for me. I am now actually pretty sure that I used the iTunes version of this script to bulk edit the Description tag. Using Playlist Name > Description is really convenient.

The only problem with this script is that one cannot empty the Description tag. It might be possible if I could create a playlist that has no name. It happened to me a couple of times that the had an error during startup of the app and created a playlist with no name. Unfortunately, I deleted them all. Next time I will keep one.

I think this sums up the issue, no need to keep this topic artificially alive.

If you find a way to edit the iTunes Library-only description fields, please post your solution.