Is it possible to make an automatic script?

I use software to add the same file information to all my files [phone, website, permanent image].
Like here I regularly change file name> title.
My question is can this be done regularly - that whenever I throw files into the software - it will work that way immediately?

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the software developer very much, who I really use this software, and recommend it to others as well!

You always have to trigger the action(s) manually.
Did you know that you can join several actions in an "action group" so that several manipulations are carried out with just one mouse click?

Do you mean I can do everything I wrote above, with the click of a mouse?

I would think so.
Create an Action group with a decent name like "Standardization"
For the information about

create actions of the type "Format value" for each value and save them in the action group.
The image can also be imported with an action of the type "Import cover" - you would have to think of naming convention, though.

The import of data from the filename could be achieved with an action of the type "Guess value" ... but unless the source is really nice and standardized, it is probably easier to use the Convert function.
In the end you click only on the action group and all the steps saved in that action group will be executed.

Need to understand programming to do this?

You have to know what you want to put into which field and in which sequence this should happen.
If you can already to that with actions step by step then it should not be a problem.
So perhaps you show us a real data example and then we try to transform that into an action.

Thanks for your response, I apologize for not having the time to comment.
I am attaching a video to the action I need.
I first do a conversion - File name> Tag
And then adds an image.
I have the file information stored on a regular basis, and I want it to appear in every MP3 file I upload to the software.

The action equivqalent to this converter is an action of the type "Guess value"
Source: %_filename%
Target: %title%

There is also an action to import covers into the files. It is not quite clear whether there is just one picture for all files or a picture per audio file each.
You can set the filename specification for the picture file to *.jpg so that the first picture at a given location gets imported.
If that is a single location, use an absolute, fully qualified filename (including path and drive), otherwise MP3tag assumes the current directory as source path.

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Thanks for your response.
Regarding your question - indeed the image in all the files is fixed, in a fixed path.
Regarding the explanation you gave -
As I wrote - I do not understand anything in this, I will thank you if you can upload some image or filming file in which there is an explanation and demonstration of the action I need to do.

Before I do that , I kindly ask you to turn to the proven sources of information like the howtos and the help.

Thanks for the reference.
But as I said, I have no understanding of it, and for me what is written there is a Chinese language ...
Anyway, if this is a hassle for you, then not bad, I'm able to get by like I did so far with a few mouse clicks.

It would be much easier to help if you could tell us what you did so far and where something that you expected did not happen.
Please note that most explanations for these (basic) interactions will not become better than the ones in the already linked help and Howtos in this forum.

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I have fixed data that goes into each file I made in the default values
2. I'm Converting Now> File Name - Tag [% title%]
3. Now I right-click on the image location, select a permanent image for all the files, and save.