Is there a problem with certain JPG types?

As I've become more active in this forum, I've occasionally seen reference to some sort of JPG problem. Certain types of image files won't display on common players, but Mp3tag does allow their use.

I'm embedding cover art on every one of my 25,000 MP3 files, and would like to make sure I'm using the best (eg, most universal) format possible.

Two questions:

  1. What is the file type that is giving problems?

  2. Is there a way to mass search thousands of files looking for just that type?

Thanks, from a loyal and rabid Mp3tag user.

(Stuart in Texas)

You may refer to problems apparently mainly on Sony devices which cannot show jpeg pictures in progressive format.
Most pictures that you find on the internet are in the progressive format.
The progressive format is defined by the standard and should be supported by any device that knows how to display jpeg pictures.

Here is a thread, even though it is in German, refers to 2 English sites where you may find answers and tools to convert progressive format jpegs into baseline ones.

There is no way for MP3tag to tell the picture format. You would have to export them and check them there.

The best (eg, most universal) format possible is the one which will be displayed on all your own devices. There is only a problem if you have a player or device which doesn't support your already used covers. Do you have such a player?

Thank you ohrenkino. I will check out that thread.

This is a somewhat disingenuous reply. To reply that the most universal format is one that works with all my own devices doesn't take into account any future possibilities. Just because it works TODAY doesn't mean that it will work tomorrow if I'm using a less than desired format.

All I asked is there a format that is considered better than others. Ohrenkino's reply gave me some feedback and help. To which I am appreciative.

Your question is about asking others to see in their non existing crystal ball to tell you what will certainly work in your future and for your environment. That's inevitably leads to such an "disingenuous" answer. :innocent:

Let's start over, we seem to have gotten off on the wrong track. My question was only asking if there is a JPG format that tends to have problems in general. Not for me, not for you, just in general.

If so, I simply wanted to be aware of it.

ohrenkino has educated me as to some potential issues, that others have faced.

Well baseline jpeg's would at least be as future-proof as it gets and I can't see jpeg's disappearing any time soon.

Lack of support for progressive jpeg's has been reported on players from various brands, even though progressive is part of the standard. Probably a rare issue on newer players though.

I use exiftool to check jpeg's for progressive or baseline. It's the quickest way I have yet found. Just drop the picture on the "exiftool(-k)" icon (exe or shortcut). For embedded pictures, drag them from Mp3tag to the hard disk first.

Thanks vilsen. Currently, none of my players have a problem displaying any cover art. And if progressive is an issue for older players, I'm probably safe there also, as I tend to keep my hardware & software current.

Best regards!

PS: You do have me curious though. I'm going to run a random sampling of cover art thru exiftool just to see what they are.