Is there a way to download hi-resolution album cover?

is there a way to download hi-resolution album cover?
I would like to have hi-resolution album covers saved in the same folder
I have noticed that tag-source cover art discogs and musicbrainz download cover with a size around 600x600


I think that the scripts download whatever image is supplied by the source... If that has the dimensions 1000x1000, then you get that.

these scripts do come with mp3tag , they don't show any image more than 600x600
could you please give it a try ?
thanks Ohrenkino

Could you tell us some releases/albums where we can reproduce that?
(Albums, where you see a bigger cover online then you get with Mp3tag web sources).

i have ripped the last dream theater 's album A View From The Top Of The World

discogs & musicbrainz

If I choose the first one

on MusicBrainz, I get this 3000x3000px cover:


On MusicBrainz, I can't find the one cover with black borders as you show it.

If you choose the one from Discogs, the available source cover is not bigger then 599x530px (including the black borders).

The used websource scripts in Mp3tag can only download what the sources like Discogs or MusicBrainz offers.

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hi LyricsLover
well I will try MusicBrainz again ,you know it does freeze very often,sometime i gotta quit mp3tag
by the way 3000x3000 and 11MB could be too much :no_mouth:

You should use AlbumArtDownloader and integrate it in MP3Tag as a tool.

See here on tag sizes:

But with these dimensions you see that the limitation is not the script but the source.
Still, it is up to you to select the best source for your purposes.

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Hi rama. It's what @ohrenkino said. I download a lot of covers (one for every album/track, and I have tens of thousands), and it's up to the source. I use MusicBrainz and Discogs, and they offer multiple choices, with many different sizes.

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hi @ohrenkino
I 'm reading it , good reading i could image the id3 standards about covers
thanks ohrenkino

Hi @astrohip
I have downloaded a good cover not huge not small with mp3tag and the installation scripts :+1:

Hi @poster
i have never used AlbumArtDownloader , does it use others web sources?
and i can integrate with mp3tag ? Via preferences - > tools ?

It is able to use more than 60 sources per 1 Click but you can configure it to only use the ones you want. As I already wrote you can integrate it in MP3Tag as tool.
It also uses Discogs and MusicBrainz, By the way: Discogs nearly never delivers real high resolution covers.

I'll just list my settings for the tools and the settings in the AlbumArtDownloader here. They should be a guideline for you and you can change them depending on your constellations and needs.

My settings create cover files with names according to the following pattern:
Dream Theater - A View From The Top Of The World - Front.jpg
Dream Theater - A View From The Top Of The World - Back.jpg
Dream Theater - A View From The Top Of The World - CD.jpg
in the album-folder.

Settings in Tools->Options->Tools:

Name: (1) AlbumArtDownloader
Path: C:\Program Files\AlbumArtDownloader\AlbumArt.exe
Parameter: '/artist "'$if2(%ALBUMARTIST%,%ARTIST%)'"  '/album "%ALBUM%"' /path "'%_folderpath%$if2(%ALBUMARTIST%,%ARTIST%)' - '$replace(%ALBUM%,?,,/,-,*,,:, - )'%preset%.jpg"'
For all selected Files: not marked

Options in AlbumArtDownloader:

Open Search results in new window: marked
Filter by cover types: All marked
Filter by image size minimum: 600 px
Replace invalid characters: -
Group by Size
Sort by Size

On the result page - Edit Presets (Save icon):

Front: - Front
Back: - Back
CD: - CD
Booklet: - Booklet
Set: - Set
Tray: - Tray

Mp3Tag is able to call 10 tools from 1-0 per shortcuts (CTRL+number). The numbers depend on the sequence in the tools-list. I put a (1) in front of the tool-name to make it clear for me, that CTRL+1 will call the AAD.
The cover-filename will be saved with the preset you select with the down arrow next to the save-icon. If you don't select a preset the cover-file will be saved without a any preset.


Hi @poster
Wow ,i'm trying to configure to download only the album art cover as cover.jpg inside the album folder
I did not know mp3tag can call 10 tools , even i have started to use it several several years ago , I guess 6 years go
thanks again i really appreciate your help

Then you can simplify the parameters in the tools-menue of MP3Tag behind "/path" and don't need any preset-configuration in AAD:
/path "'%_folderpath%cover.jpg

Well, you can define tools as many as you want, but the shortcut-calls are limited by 10.

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Hi poster
I have done it
appreciate a lot your help