It seems Mp3Tag doesn't have a drag-and-drop feature

Hi, can someone please confirm to me if drag-and-drop from windows explorer to Mp3Tag should work?

I know I can do it from Mp3Tag to iTunes (perhaps not vice-versa), so it puzzles me that it doesn't work to select a track in windows explorer and drag it into the Mp3Tag window.

I'm doing a very hard manual tagging process with the help of Media Monkey and a Discogs add-on, and I need to verify if it's adding multiple tags to my tracks, which I would hate. It's possible it will add multiple say genres to my tags, and I want to be sure it's not doing that.

Files can be dragged and dropped from numerous applications.
Windows Explorer is one of them.
So check who the owner is of the files that cannot be dragged and dropped.

This happened to me a while back.

I either uninstalled and reinstalled the same version (after backing up my config) or updated to a newer version.

Maybe you have just stumbled upon the same issue as I did?

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Then it should have been easiest to first try the advice from this thread, right?

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Thanks, that's very useful and makes total sense. Yes, I'm using windows 10, which sucks at a lot of things.

I am the only owner, there are no other users; and I am the Administrator

I can even successfully Take Ownership of the file [like I sometimes have to do for some files on drive C] and still it does not make the problem go away

[More details are evoked in that aforementioned topic of mine]

Dropping for Explorer also does not work. And even if it had worked- that would have left me with the option of ditching excellent FreeCommander [on tweaking which I have spent enormous amount of time] in exchange for some primitive Microsoft file manager- so primitive and so annoying in many aspects that it was the main reason it was ditched by me a long time ago when I started using Windows 7

But I do appreciate your the idea for this test