iTunes Medadata

I like how you can add itunes meta data such as account name and purchase date. I was wondering if its possible to add the Purchased by metadata to the file. And also the file kind, whether its Purchased AAC File or Matched AAC File etc. If there is no feature in the program does anyone know the Value I can add under the extended tags option. If someone could help I really want to know this stuff thank you

AFAIK it is possible in iTunes to export the contents of playlists with the function File>Export>Unicode text. THis should generate a CSV list that can be edited to add the field descriptors and imported into MP3tag.
I don't know whether iTunes includes all fields esp. those you mentioned.

Well i've got the unicode text file opened up but I'm not sure how to add the things i've mentioned. I wish there was an option already in mp3tag on how to add or edit these.

Text files can be opened with any odd text editor, e.g. Notepad.
The option/function for MP3tag resides in the menu Converter: Text file - tag.

i haven't gotten that far yet, I'm still not sure how to edit in the things i've mentioned into the text file.

Have a look at the help on the topic "Converter".

e.g. if your iTunes-Export-file looks like this:
all my loving;The Beatles;me personally
then you would have to enter as import string:
%title%;%artist%;%purchased by%

If you have data in columns that you do not want to import then enter %dummy% for that column.

If your export is in a CSV-like format, I've been working with some great tools that simplify editing and automated transforming/correcting/cleaning up the data when it's in this format.

So far I can highly recommend as the two most valuable "CSVed" and CSVfix".

total side tangent, just in case it's of interest to anyone feel free to contact me for further details

I've been constructing a database model, based mostly on the MusicBrainz schema and using Data Crow, that allows me to import my tag data into the proper separate relational tables, e.g.

  • Genre
  • People (AlbumArtists, other performers, composers/lyricists, engineer/producers etc.)
  • the main Genre tag is actually an attribute of the artist
  • "Event" - either a concert date or a MB releaseGroup
  • Release
  • Work (abstract object for songs)
  • Recordings (tracks)
  • using ContentGroup for track-specific genre classification
  • Source (only level related to actual folders/files)

I'm now working on going the other direction, using relational "joins" on the CSV exports from these various tables in order to re-create a single table suitable for MP3Tag importing back into audio file tags.

Later I'll look at outputing data suitable for MediaMonkey, iTunes etc

This will allow me complete control over my own data without depending on the fragile data store of the audio file tags themselves as the primary store, nor depending on proprietary cataloging apps that don't respect their users' control over their metadata and tag integrity.