%itunesaccount% and %itunespurchasedate%


I've just downloaded the 2.48a Dev version, and one of the added features was
"NEW: added %itunesaccount% and %itunespurchasedate% for MP4 files."

Now I buy a lot of music from the iTunes store, but none of these song
show either %itunesaccount% or %itunespurchasedate% in Extended Tags.

Extended Tags only show the following iTunes tags:


PS: In ITunes they show up with the following Special tags:

KIND: Purchased AAC Audio File
PURCHASED BY: (My Itunes account Name)

Edit 13:24
I checked all of my Purchased songs and 90% don't have %itunesaccount% and %itunespurchasedate%, but the remaining 10% have. So must be something iTunes related :wink:

Extended Tags - iTunes "Downloaded By"