Keep tags information (improvement solving clumsiness)

Hello, I am often update fields in the tag column without having selected files in the list... When a file is selected all tags information are - obviously - cleared, because there are no tags in it, and the information must be set again... Would it be possible to keep the information by pressing for example the CTRL key while selecting a file?

By selecting one or more files you tell Mp3tag for which files you want to apply your tag changes.
Why do you not start selecting your files first, before you make changes to (this selected) files? This way you are also sure to see already existing tags and you can decide if you want to keep or delete them.

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I bet that such a function could be implemented.
But then again: you would have to get into the habit to press the CTRL-key.
Wouldn't be just as easy to get into the habit to select the files first? The good thing about that way would be that no extra effort would have to be spent on programming. And you could start training straight away as the function is already there.
And it is one of the basic functions of object oriented user interfaces: select the object first, then manipulate it.
But I see the point - perhaps disabling the tag panel when there is no file selected would be a nice feature. But this idea has been around for some time, see e.g. here:

For sure the best is to get good habit, but it seems this is sometimes difficult to train your brain and you make always the same mistake... It seems also I am not alone :slightly_smiling_face:. The proposition to disable the tags panel is much better than mine. But you're perfectly right this is a small topic and should be in very low prio, in the meantime maybe I will learn. Thanks to have answer so quickly.

Have you tried Tools->Options->General->Select files automatically ?

This is how I solved my problem of trying to type when no files were selected. Then again, it does bring up the opposite issue of all files selected versus none selected.