Legacy Version Of Mp3tag v3.01

I am running a very old Mac with Version 10.11.6 OS. My copy of Mp3tag v3.01 has been corrupted. Is it possible to download a legacy copy of v3.01. If not, is there a way to reconnect the tab bar (left side) to the program when opening? I can get it to manually open but it will not attach to or resize along with the main screen (right side) of the program. ANY help would be greatly appreciated.

Does this help?

I followed the instructions. The good news is I can "link" the smaller version of the sidebar to the main screen. The bad news is I was not able to get any sort of column to open up, show up, or in any way lock in the smaller sidebar screen which would link / autosize it with the main program. I tried to remove and then open the tag panel; I tried to close and reopen the program and follow the instructions provided. No joy. I suspect I have managed to either corrupt the original install or my old version of the MAC OS is somehow unable to work with this type of fix. Regardless, I VERY much appreciate you taking the time to try and assist me. Have a great weekend. All the best...

If everything fails, then get a new mp3tag.cfg file.
(Removing the old one also removes the input history an a couple of other settings - but perhaps you risk that to get a nicer window layout. You could rename the current mp3tag.cfg to something like mp3tag.cfg_ while MP3tag is closed and start again and see whether that helped.)

After trying your suggestions and anything else I could think of, I made the decision to delete the program entirely. If I can find a version of mp3tag (or any similar program) that will work with MAC OS 10.11.6, I'll grab it and make it work. Whenever I am in a position to acquire more recent technology, I'll come back to mp3tag. I've used it in Windows and MAC for years and really like the software. Just don't have the time / energy to try to fix this; thus the delete and start over approach. I hope I can find an older version that will work with this system. If not, I hope I can find something similar to tide me over. Again, i very much thank you for taking the time to try and help me. Regardless of the outcome, I do appreciate your time and help. Thank you again!

Here you go: