Tag Panel Sidebar Lost

Good Evening

Somehow I have managed to unattach the Tag Panel which I had previously showing as a sidebar connected to the main MP3Tag window.

When I go to View_Tag Panel on the Menu it brings up a separate Tag Panel in it's own window but this is a panel that can't be re-sized nor can I find an instruction to reconnect it to the main Window.

I have gone into utils and reloaded the Sidebar .ini file but to no avail.

Any suggestions/fixes would be gratefully received.

Have good weekend

see here:

Thank you for taking the time to reply - much appreciated.
However I have not been able to make the mouse gymnastics work.
Again, thank you.

Then you have to tell us which of the steps was not successful:

  • grab the floating panel at the top edge of the window
  • drag it into the main MP3tag window until you see an empty rectangle.
  • When that rectangle is in the correct position, release the mouse button