Length, Bitrate, Frequency Not Displayed in high-res WAV files

I have some WAV files which are saved in 32 bit 96 kHz.
Mp3tag doesn't show their length, bitrate and frequency.
The information are there because I can see them when playing the files.
I made a few tests, it seems that only the standard 16 bit, 44.1 kHz WAV files have all info displayed correctly.
Mp3tag doesn't show the length, bitrate and frequency in all other files not using 16-44.1 format.
I am using v3.11
Is it a bug or something I have missed ?

There are most likely some garbage or incorrect sized RIFF chunks in the file. Can you check for integrity with foobar2000 as explained here?

OK. I'll have a look

Any update on the results of the analysis?

Not helping. I have dBpoweramp but it couldn't handle WAV file in 32-bit.
Anyway, as long as the information shown during playback, whether seeing them in mp3tag isn't a big issue.
Thanks for checking

I think it would only be fair to follow the suggested way to narrow down a bug about which it is not clear whether it is a real one.
As foobar2000 is freeware, the installation takes only minutes and the checks that you should perform could be executed after a simple drag&drop into foobar, the check should be an easy one.
Alternatively, you could upload a sample file to a file hoster and share the link.
Like it is at the moment, your bug report is worthless.