Library is always updated

I have the "Enable Library" option enabled but it seems like every couple of days the library is rebuilt even though I haven't added/deleted/changed anything in my music library. It's like the library isn't actually being used. Version 3.02 but its been happening pretty much ever since the library option was added.

Bob Gregory

Why do you think that? What is happening exactly?

When I start up MP3Tag, it always show the reading tag data and it takes a long time to complete.


I can always tell when the library is being used because it only takes a few seconds to read the tag data vs 2 or 3 minutes. Something is triggering a rebuild of the library even though there have been no changes.

Chances are you haven't noticed the library's speed improvement so far.

There are 2 requirements to use the library at full speed.

  1. It must be activated in Tools -> Library.

  2. Windows Defender as an antivirus application must not be active for Mp3Tag. For this you should define an exception for mp3tag.exe in the Defender settings.
    Windows Defender - Speed of loading files in MP3Tag

There is also a different speed due to the filling of the cache if you have already loaded the files with Mp3Tag and have not restarted the computer but only brought it from standby. Therefore it could be that the different speeds that you have noticed so far only came about because of the temporarily filled cache and sometimes not filled cache due to a real restart.

poster: 1. I do have the Library activated under Tools.
2. I am not using Windows Defender.

I can say for sure that the loading of files is extremely fast if I don't reboot the computer, as the cache is being used. I also notice that even after a reboot, loading is fast, BUT after a few days
the speed of loading is the same as if there wasn't any library. The .DB3 file date hasn't changed since it was created.

Thanks for the information. I will monitor this and reply back here when I have more definitive results.

Is the .DB3 file SQLite?

Despite of this there will always be a difference in speed with or without filled cache.

Are you using a network drive as source?

No. Its an SSD. What I am seeing is sometimes it is very fast BUT later (I haven't been able to determine when or what causes it) the speed is definitely the same as if I delete the .DB3 file and recreate it. It's that slow.

Yes. (And I add this text because a simple "yes" is not accepted by the forum software. :wink:)

Are you absolutely sure that no change was made to your files in the meantime?
Like a backup software setting/deleting a not so obvious attribute to your files?
Or some kind of indexing software, touching your files (changing the "last modified date")?

Maybe this answer can help you to understand the use case for the library:
(The sqlite DB is NOT the same as the database in MediaMonkey or other music management software.)

Which amount of files are we talking of?

I just made a test with 20.000 files which reside on a normal harddisk (not SSD), a rather old PC and a disabled library.
The first reading took 4:15 minutes.
The second reading only took 25 seconds, obviously due to the cache.

I have one library configured called Music. There are 2397 .MP3 files and various .jpg files which are created by Windows Media Player 12 which I have used for years. None of the .MP3 files have changed (or their attributes). It takes around 41 seconds to build the .DB3 file and about 3 seconds if the library is already built, a few seconds more when the cache isn't used. It's not that the 41 seconds is a big deal, just that it seems that at a later time the library is being rebuilt for "no apparent reason". I would just like to know why.

Thanks for everyone's replies.

What about some WMP influence like this:

I guess anything is possible but my problem exists even though I don't run WMP. I will create a new folder that WMP does not know about and then rebuild the MP3Tag.db3 library and see what happens. I'll let you know in a few days. Thanks.