Loading new files from Explorer/Dopus with existing files & extended tag panel open

had FLAC files from an album by ARTIST 1 open in MP3Tag, and was adding unsynced lyrics to tracks via the EXTENDED TAG PANEL. Steps taken:

  1. Selected first track and hit ALT+T (opens EXTENDED TAG PANEL)

  2. Clicked on the ADD FIELD… button (opens ADD FIELD panel)

  3. Typed “UN” in FIELD field, let it autocomplete to “UNSYNCEDLYRICS”

  4. Pasted the lyrics in the VALUE field

  5. Pressed OK button

  6. Pressed ALT+SHIFT+. (to select the >> button)

  7. Pressed Y (for YES) in the resulting “Save tag?” dialog

  8. Moved on to repeat necessary steps for next track

While working on the above, I also had Exact Audio Copy running on my computer, ripping a CD by ARTIST 2 to FLAC files.

At one point, working in MP3Tag with EXTENDED TAG plus ADD FIELD panels open, and having just pasted lyrics for track 10 into it, Exact Audio Copy finished ripping the CD it was working on. I switched over to Exact Audio Copy to finish up work on the CD, generated the log and cue files, etc.

I then switched to my file manager of choice (Directory Opus) to look at the files just created by EAC. Everything looked good, so I then selected all the newly-created FLAC files, right-clicked, and selected MP3Tag from the context menu to load them and begin customizing their tags, forgetting that I already had files from ARTIST 1 open in MP3Tag, with EXTENDED TAG and ADD FIELD panels open for one of the tracks (admittedly boneheaded on my part).

Windows brought MP3Tag to the front, where I saw that I had not finished my previous work in progress. I then finished the sequence of steps I had been taking as listed above, starting from step 5. Following completion of step 7, MP3Tag crashed.

I reopened MP3Tag via DOpus from the context menu with the just-ripped tracks of ARTIST 2, and noticed that track 10 had been given all the tags, including the unsynced lyrics, intended for track 10 of the album I had originally been working on by ARTIST 1.

Mp3tag.dmp (103 KB)

I've fixed this with Mp3tag v2.87 as part of this change:

[2018-02-26] FIX: runtime error when adding cover via extended tag dialog when underlying files have been replaced.

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