M4A tags not seen by MP3TAG

There are two tags not seen by MP3Tag that I have found in some M4A files. These tags are Original Artist and Encoded By. I am able to edit, or in my case, remove them with dbPowerAmp, but MP3Tag will not even see the fields.

Is there a way to set MP3Tag to read any and all tags in the file?

I have already removed those tags, so I do not have the exact name of the field, but the above is the verbal description of it.

the fields are titled:
"Encoded by"
"Original Artist"

Files are AAC encoded, M4A container.

See the list of fields that are treated by MP3tag: http://help.mp3tag.de/main_tags.html

As far as I can see "Encoded by" and "Original Artist" are among them.

Did you only see them not in the predefined column-view?
Did you try the "Extended View" (ALT-T) to see al tags?

Here is the list of tags, that are known to Mp3tag and their mapping in other software:

Thanks for the replies. This response kind of is for both, as there is repeat info there.

I did look at the page both referenced at http://help.mp3tag.de/main_tags.html and see that both are listed. Assuming that I can infer M4A from iTunes in that table, the two fields in question do not have an entry under iTunes.

I use Extended View for most everything, the panel is not even on my view.

The two fields I mention work fine in MP3 containers, but I am finding that they do not in M4A containers, mine being AAC encoded.

It is rare that I see these fields in M4A containers, but they are in some files that I get. I can say that dbPowerAmp, just simply using the explorer extension from it, I can see and edit these fields without any problems. I really do not have other software, tagging specific, to try as MP3Tag is my goto for all.

I guess I will download some other software and see how it works there. This may have been an issue for me all along, I just looked for those tags today as I was told they were there. I will check some older files too.


Here is what I found. I opened the tag editor in dbPowerAmp and had a look around. These files have both an "Encoded by" and "ENCODEDBY" field. MP3Tag sees the "ENCODEDBY" field only. dbPowerAmp displays both, one right after the other.

Even deleting the "ENCODEDBY" field in MP3Tag leaves the "Encoded by" field there as it was.

I did download and try mp3Tag Pro 9, it does see the field just fine.

I did not try on the other field in question as I am assuming it is the same.

It goes back to my original question, is there a setting to just display any and all tags within the file? It makes me wonder if there are other tags that I have been missing and how many there might be.

Thanks for the research.

To me it looks like some program is very creative when writing the tags.
Yet: MP3tag ignores "private" fields, so it could be that the ones you see there are such fields.

Perhaps the same applies to "Original artist" which should be "origartist".

Yes, I do agree. Is there a way to "enable" the private fields? My concern is that 2 of 3 products worked just fine with it. Now, dbPowerAmp, its purpose is not tagging. And mp3Tag Pro, well, it is a joke. I really like Mp3Tag and have used it for as long as I can remember. Sure, some say it is kind of tough, but I like the functionality. Point and click software (without these features) just do not do it.

So my problem is I want to continue using Mp3Tag, but I really cannot afford to have any tags missed, especially when they seem to be picked up so easily elsewhere. I have seen Mp3Tag pick up on duplicate fields before, so that is not the problem. Same applies to non-standard fields. Unless I missed it, this is the first time I have seen an issue. And in this case, I was told about the fields, so I was looking. Otherwise, would have missed them.

What do you call "private fields"?
Is there a difference between a "private" field and a self defined field?
As we all know self defined tag fields can be created in Mp3Tag and they are not ignored.

What are the reported tag-types of this file?

The reported tag type in MP3TAG is "MP4 (MP4)".

Regarding "private" fields, I do not know. This term was used in a reply from ohrenkino. I never knew there was such a thing until this was mentioned. Regarding self defined tags, yes, I see them often and they are not ignored. That is why this is puzzling to me.

Unfortunately, the only thing of any substance that I can say is that out of dbpoweramp, MP3TAG and mp3Tag Pro, MP3TAG is the only one that does not "see" those fields. I am sure there has got to be a reason why, just a matter of what is that reason.

I do want to add that I have tried a few different tagging programs now if effort to figure this out. I want to say that of all I have tried, even paid programs, none of them can compete with this software. Despite the issue I am having, if I had to choose between one issue and 100 features or no issues with 20 features, well, I will deal with the issue.

Private fields are fields that in a way are user-defined fields but there is no common standard to access their contents. Some of them are used to transport DRM.
MP3tag ignores these and does not even tell you that they are there.

For further information you may have a look at

Section 28: Private Frame http://id3.org/id3v2.3.0#Private_frame

Yes I know. I quoted Ohrenkino and asked because this term "private" was unknown to me.

Maybe it refers to a private not officially defined tag-type.

Edit: Thanks ohrenkino for the explanation.
It seems we are always answering in this thread at the same time. :wink: