M4b file not importing

Been updating the tags of a ton of Audiobooks. I keep running into a few that when I try importing the files/folders the files don't transfer or are seen.

The audiobooks play just fine and I can manually change tags by right clicking and going into properties.

Here are the things I have tried;

  1. No filters Active
  2. Checked Permissions
  3. Re-Downloaded the files
  4. Moved the files to different drives
  5. Renamed the extension to .m4a
  6. Tools/Options/Tags - Made sure all read items are checked

see this thread:

Thanks, that worked perfectly. Was it iTunes making those changes?

Ive had an issue where the tags I changed reverted back to how they were originally. Ended up removing iTunes to see if that was it.

For me it was Readarr that was adding the tags. Not doing it 100% of the time though, so I gave up trying to identify exactly how to keep it from happening, other than I keep Readarr from altering metadata.

Let mp3tag do all of the heavy lifting for your metadata updates. Don't make it a habit to use the Get Info feature in iTunes as this is far less versatile and in my experience ends up creating some issues with some tags fields getting unexpectedly altered.

I would also suggest that you make sure your iTunes preferences are set so that it cannot make any changes to your file names or locations. While this should not be done anyhow if you refrain from using Get Info, it just makes sure that iTunes can only play your tracks form their existing location, and can manage copying your media to your iDevices if required.