M4P files won't load on Mac

I recently bought MP3TAG for mac and the issue I came across is I am not able to load any apple music into the tag editor to be edited.
When I try to add music through the app it is grayed out and unable to import.

If I click open, without selecting any of the music files, a loading files screen appears for a moment but then closes. With still no music files loaded.

I have tried loading the entire Apple folder and it does the same thing. There was one article I came across that talked about some filtering issue but there is nothing in the filter text bar. I have tried removing and re-downloading, which makes me worry that it is an issue with the app data, unlike other similar apps I have tried there is no security preference for file access. Furthermore, there is no file data in the application support folder, where also similar apps have data. I have combed through other topics to try to find help with no luck. to find and answer and have had no such luck... Any help would be Greatly appreciated.

Many thanks for supporting my work and providing the screenshots with your question!

The first screenshot shows that the files in question are all M4P files (I've adjusted the topic title accordingly). M4P is Apple's DRM-protected version of MP4/M4A which is not unfortunately supported by Mp3tag.

There was a time where you could exchange the DRM'ed files with "free" files I think via iTunes Match, but I don't know how this is working now with Apple Music. There are lots of third-party tools that claim to remove the DRM, but I guess most of them simply re-encode the file which is a lossy process.