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I just downloaded the free trial version from the web siteto my MacBook Air (Catalina 10.5.17) but am unable to launch the app as it needs to be moved to the Applications folder. This option doesn't appear to be presented by Finder in the target Applications folder when I select the MP3TAG package from the Downloads for Copying. It's probably due to some oversight on my behalf or maybe I need to install the product from the AppStore. Any suggestions you have would be much appreciated.


You'd need to copy the unzipped from your Downloads folder to your Applications folder. If it then still asks you to perform the move, this should do the trick:

Thanks for the suggestions but it is the unzipped app file that I am trying to move/copy. I tried the xattr command you proposed and got 'No such file: /Applications/' as a response. Any further ideas?

OK, I think I've misunderstood you previously. Can you drag the unzipped app from your Downloads folder to your Applications folder? If you don't see those, you can try copying the file:

  1. In Finder, choose Go To → Downloads or Option+Cmd+L
  2. Select and choose Copy from the context menu or Cmd+C
  3. Still in Finder, choose Go To → Applications or Shift+Cmd+A
  4. In the Applications folder, paste the copied via Cmd+V
  5. You can now start the app from your Applications folder
  6. Optional step to not get confused: delete the app from your Downloads folder

Thanks - using Cmd+V works. My issue was that I was not getting a copy-to option in Finder.
A relatively trivial oversight on my part.
I very appreciate your prompt response and patient help in overcoming this issue. I now look forward to getting familiar with what the tool can offer.

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Excellent! Happy it's working now :slight_smile:

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