Mac uses track X of N, but mp3tag won't show or set "N"

I'm trying it out and the second thing I tried was to find a way to set the tags the "n" of "track x of n"...

Mac's shows track 1 of 10 (for example), but I couldn't find any way for mp3tag to see or set that "of n" in track number. I'd think that 'track' is not a single field, but rather: track and track-of

Is there a way to do this or is it something missing?


You could try to set the TRACK in Mp3tag manually to
for a test track and then check if your Mac display it right for you.

Or - if this is possible - you could set it in your mac once and then check it back in Mp3tag how you should set it correctly.

There is also an Auto-numbering wizard in the menu Tools

That depends on the file format.
mp3 and mp4 have both pieces of information in 1 field, spearated by a slash,
flac also has a separate field - check the extended tags dialogue whether you find it there.

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Thanks. Yes indeed, looking at a file with track x of n set by does appear as "x/n", not two fields.

So, what I want to do is to take N tracks and make the "track" for each be "x/N" where x is either (a) already set in the tag before mp3tag does anything, or (b) I do need to setup auto-numbering to start at 1 and increment to N.

It doesn't look like I can auto-number adding the string "/n". If I can, please tell me how...
oh... ctrl-k doesn't do anything on the mac mp3tag app.

SO, if that's not already possible, please consider this a feature request.

Please see the Mac documentation on keyboard shortcuts:

It's command-K

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